Main character energy is the future dating trend you need to embrace now

If you've recently found yourselves scrolling on social media then you're probably familiar with the term 'main character energy'. Over 300 million people have used the #MainCharacterEnergy on TikTok alone. And the trend has seen some declaring that they themselves, their family and friends or celebrities possess this desirable attribute.

If you need catching up on the phenomenon, then according to Urban Dictionary having 'main character energy' means that "a person unintentionally lives, breathes, and is like the protagonist in a story or series". In other words, they see themselves very much playing the lead role in the 'movie' that is their life, with others playing the supporting roles. It's seen as a positive thing, not an act of selfishness.

And according to relationships expert Emma Hathorn, from luxury dating site, we should all aim to adopt this unique energy in our dating lives to get the most out our experiences and avoid pitfalls like ghosting.

Emma explains why so many people are already cottoning on to the trend – "It's been on the rise for some time. Singletons are looking to reclaim a sense of power when it comes to modern dating, tackling some of the more problematic issues, including ghosting and dating app burnout.

"It not only helps singletons to feel more positive and empowered about each dating experience, but also sets the tone for their dates, by giving off a sense of confidence, stability, and ease which the potential suitor will no doubt find attractive."

Being a main character means putting yourself first, which can't be a bad thing. "If you prioritise your own wants, needs and self-worth you can quickly establish suitability with a potential partner," Emma continues. "It has a gravitational pull that's immediately recognised by others and can prompt more honesty, communication and a willingness in prospective partners."

Okay, we're convinced. But how do we do become the main character?

"Channelling main character energy should be embodied in all aspects of your life – not just dating," says Emma.

"It's about reminding yourself of your positive attributes and self-worth and that you deserve the best in life rather than putting an emphasis on whether or not your date will like you.

"Map out the things that are the most important to you – both in your life and what you're looking for in a partner, and be upfront about these things when dating. It will help you to quickly establish whether your date is the right person for you. It's all about creating a narrative structure to your life and feeling empowered by it.

"Most importantly, don’t rely on external validation. True happiness comes from within. When you have that internal validation, you will start to see that your dating prospects automatically improve."


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