Love Island fans go wild for Lusty Lean sex position as ITV2 show heats up

Annabelle adds that the move is a good one for men who are self-conscious about the size of their manhoods.

She explained: “If he is on the smaller side, this position allows him to thrust deep and long without the fear of hurting her.

“She can reach forward to stroke or cup his testicles, or grab his backside to pull him even deeper.”

There’s a good reason why Love Island is making the nation randier.

Annabelle says the reality TV show encourages the body to produce endorphins.

These feel-good chemicals put you in the right mind frame to get down and dirty.

The love guru explained: ‘’Love Island will do wonders for Brits’ sex lives!

“The show is all about hot young people getting it on in paradise – it’s the ultimate feel-good TV.”

Apparently, Love Island can also open up sexy conversations between you and your partner.

The relationship expert believes it’s fun to talk about who you find attractive in the villa.

All those secret kisses and steamy bedtime cuddles are bound to leave you feeling frisky too.

Annabelle added: “The show is designed to be watched with your partner while you argue about who’s hot and who’s not.

“I cannot think of a better prelude to sex.

“Forget Netflix-and-chill. For the next month or so, it is definitely Love Island-and-chill.’’

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