Lili Reinhart reveals her sweet dream about Luke Perry

Almost a year after Luke Perry’s tragic death, Lili Reinhart is still dreaming about him.

The “Riverdale” and “Hustlers” star tweeted on Wednesday to her 2.9 million followers, “I had a dream last night that I saw Luke… and I hugged him so hard and cried into his shoulder, telling him how much we all miss him.”

The “Beverly Hills, 90210” star, who died suddenly in March 2019 at age 52 of a stroke, most recently made headlines for the perception that The Oscars snubbed him from the “In Memoriam” segment — since his final project was an appearance in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” which won Brad Pitt an Oscar. (The Oscars later gave a lame apology).

On “Riverdale,” Perry played Archie’s dad Fred. The show wrote the character off in a tribute episode in October. (In the show’s plot, Fred was killed by a hit and run when he stopped by the side of a remote road to help another driver, played by Perry’s real-life pal Shannen Doherty.)

The cast and crew told The Post that filming the tribute episode was cathartic but difficult. Skeet Ulrich, who plays F.P. Jones — Fred’s friend — told the Post, “It was literally almost impossible to utter lines. The emotion you try to bury from the four months prior to [Perry’s death] happening until we’re asked to re-examine it in the episode … it’s one of the hardest experiences I’d had [to do] on film.”

“I think his spirit was visiting me in my sleep,” Reinhart, 23, concluded on Twitter about her dream. “Letting me know he’s smiling brightly on the other side.”

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