Left and right ear superstitions – the 4 witchy omens around bodily sensations

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You might have heard people say that itching sensations in different parts of the body mean something in the spiritual realm. For example, you may have heard the superstition ‘itching ear, a secret you’ll hear’. But where does this saying come from and what does it mean? Express.co.uk chatted to Eclectic Witch and author of ‘Mama Moon’s Book of Magic: A Life-Changing Guide to Spells, Crystals, Manifestations and Living a Magical Existence and Instant Magic Oracle: Guidance to all of life’s questions from your higher self’, Semra Haksever (@mamamooncandles on Instagram), to find out what YOUR itching body part really means.

An older family member might have passed down superstitions about itching or burning ears, but these aren’t just old wives tales, they are omens.

Omens are considered by mystics to be signs from the universe or guidance and support from something bigger than us.

From salting magpies to picking up a coin on the floor, most of us have chosen to believe in omens at least once in our lives.

Eclectic Witch Semra Haksever said: “Omens can often snowball in their appearance once you are aware of their significance.

“Omens and their meanings are very much dependent on a co-existence with your own intuition, so it’s important to first listen to your inner voice before using other guides to interpret these signs.”

Some of the most widely spread superstitions revolve around bodily sensations, and Semra breaks down the meaning of these in her book.

Itchy ears

According to Semra, itchy ears means someone is talking about you.

If it’s your left ear they are saying nice things, but if it’s your right ear they are saying something nasty.

You might have heard this told the other way around, but it’s definitely ‘left for love and right for spite’.

This omen dates back to the Roman Empire, and you can find versions of the itchy superstition in the Roman scriptures written by Pliny and Plautus.

Even poets and writers – such as Geoffrey Chaucer and Charles Dickens – have referred to this omen in their work.

The Eclectic Witch advised: “If you say the name of the person who you think is talking about you out loud and get it right, the itching will stop.”

Some mystics apply this omen to ringing, burning or general warmth of the ears too.

Itchy hands

Don’t dismiss itchy hands! Paying attention to this sensation could help with your finances.

According to Semra, if your left palm itches or tingles this means money is coming in.

If it’s your right palm that is itching or tingling, money is going out.

It is widely thought that if your right hand is itching you should rub it on some wood to guarantee good fortune.

Apparently, this superstition started with the Saxons and Celts who believed that silver could cure all ailments. Eventually, this belief turned into the superstition that an itch meant silver was coming your way.

Itchy feet

You’ve heard of the saying ‘cold feet’ and probably know that it is used to describe someone who has a loss of nerve or confidence.

This saying is believed to have originated from a joke in a 1862 German novel by Fritz Reuter, but it isn’t the same as itchy feet.

Itchy feet signifies that you will travel, Semra said.

This omen is so widely believed that it has become a saying just like ‘cold feet’, used to talk about someone who has a strong desire to leave a place and travel the world.

If you literally feel itching or tingling in your feet, it could be that you’re desperate to go abroad or even just do some short distance travel.

Twitching eyes

Eyes twitching could be a problem with your eyesight or to do with tiredness, so rule this out before you look into the spiritual meaning.

Semra reckons random eye twitching suggests you’re going to hear some news.

If it’s your right eye, expect to hear of a birth. If it’s your left eye, expect to hear of a death.

Some mystics take this further and say that the exact meaning depends on which part of your eye is twitching.

If it’s your pupil, this is good luck. If it’s the eyelid, you’re going to come into some money.

However, if it’s the lower eyelid/fold then unfortunately you will soon accrue an unexpected expense.

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