Khloe Kardashian On 'Brutal Punching Fights' Between Her Sisters

Khloe also revealed how Kourtney being “so loved up right now” affects their own relationship.

Khloe Kardashian said she can never imagine “not speaking” to one of her four sisters, even though they have been through some rough patches together.

In a new interview with Health magazine, the Good American designer made the revelation while she was discussing how she is teaching her 3-year-old daughter True about the importance of family.

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“Even though she’s young, she definitely knows about family,” Khloe explained. “As kids, family was always at the core of every conversation. No matter what, you support one another. You’re allowed to argue and disagree. I could never imagine not speaking to one of my sisters. It just doesn’t happen. My sisters have gotten into some brutal, literally punching fights. But you get over it — there’s no other option.”

She went on to say her, Kim, Kourtney, Rob and Kylie are raising their children all together to “almost feel like they’re siblings” more than cousins. (Kendall does not have children.)

“I don’t care if they disagree — that’s inevitable,” she added. “And, of course, I want them to talk through their feelings and feel validated. But there’s just no option for us to be separated and not talk to one another.”

Fans have witnessed some of what Khloe is talking about regarding the physical fights, as the sisters have had their fair share of blow-ups on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” In one early episode, Kim maniacally swung her purse at Khloe’s face, then finished with a punch to Khloe’s arm. In the Season 18 premiere, Kim and Kourtney viciously went after each other in a jaw-dropping battle.

Relive that epic one, below.

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Elsewhere in the Health interview, Khloe dished on how she leans on each sister for different things, saying it all depends on what stage of life the sibling happens to be in.

“For example, Kourtney is so loved up right now, she’s probably not the one I’m going to go rave with,” she explained.

“So, it really depends. But the older I get, the more and more I realize what an incredible relationship I have with each one of my siblings. It’s totally cheesy, but I am so in love with each one of them.”

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