I've been cheating on my boyfriend with a work colleague even though he has a girlfriend

DEIDRE SAYS: I HAVE been cheating on my boyfriend with a work colleague even though he has a girlfriend.

We flirted at first and I fell for his charms. He is a massive flirt.

As we are both in relationships I didn’t imagine we would ever end up having sex.

I am 32 and my boyfriend is 36. We have been together for four years.

My colleague’s 34. We get on really well, but our affair happened so quickly.

During a late shift, we kissed and it continued from there.

We briefly ended our affair after a co-worker almost caught us in the warehouse where we used to meet for sex.

It was so hard being apart when we both worked so closely together and after a month ended up ‘getting extra supplies’ which was our code for having a kiss and a cuddle.

Now he has split up with me again after his girlfriend saw our texts on his phone.

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I am devastated. I love my partner dearly and it would destroy him if he knew but I can’t help how I feel towards my colleague.

I feel so sad and lost.

DEIDRE SAYS: Even being in a good relationship doesn’t stop you fancying other people but acting on it is high risk.

It was never more than a fling for your lover.

Take a good look at your relationship. What’s missing?

Do think whether this is a sign you need to put some fresh energy into your relationship.

My e-leaflet Your Relationship MOT can help.

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