Inside Gemma Collins rocky relationship and split with Rami Hawash after second engagement

Gemma Collins has confirmed that she and Rami Hawash are engaged again, seven years after the pair called it quits they have become 're-engaged' and are planning their 'forever together'.

The TOWIE star and Rami, who owns a car mechanical repairs company in Romford, Essex, dated on-and-off for three years, with Rami having popped the question in 2013, presenting the ring in a Christmas pudding.

Rami had appeared on TOWIE before, briefly in series nine when he jetted off to Marbella to see Gemma.

However, the couple called off their engagement after living with each other for six months, with Rami later saying, "she demanded I redecorate the whole flat first."

Following their split, he went on record complaining of Gemma's alter ego, saying: “Gemma Collins is a lovely, sweet person. The GC is not.”

Speaking about living with the self-confessed diva, he said: “I would wake up in the morning and I would look in her eyes. In a second I knew if it was sweet, funny Gemma who would make me ­breakfast and a nice cup of tea…or whether it was The GC. There was no breakfast with The GC."

Rami went on to later marry someone else, while Gemma dated her TOWIE co-star James Argent.

However, following the breakdown of Rami's marriage and Gemma's split from James, the pair rekindled their romance earlier this year during lockdown, and are now engaged once again.

Gemma confirmed to The Times when asked if she was engaged: "Yeah, but we can’t really come out and say anything yet because Ram was married before and his paperwork has not come through, so until that’s officially signed, we’ve not said anything."

"'They’ve not been together for two years. I know her, she’s got a partner, she’s as good as gold. There’s a child involved, he’s only three, obviously I love him to death," she continued.

"But until that paperwork’s signed I can’t come out."

Gemma's has been extremely vocal about her love for Rami, and over the festive period said she's looking forward to "forever" with the 46 year old.

Earlier this year, she was spotted in what fans suspected was an engagement ring prompting more wedding rumours.

The TV star has also expressed her desire to tie the knot with Rami, and revealed that she wants a whopping three weddings to celebrate their nuptials.

Gemma revealed to The Sun: "I love a good wedding. I’m probably going to have about three weddings.

"I’ll have a real one, a showbiz one and… well to be honest my wedding will go on for about a year."

Rami already has a son, three year old Tristan, whom he shares with his ex-wife, and Gemma has been spending a lot of time with him which had led to her planning a baby of her own.

Gemma said on her podcast recently: “I found the love of my life, I’m definitely ready to have a baby now, Amy Childs bless her – she knows everything about having kids.

"We had a good catch up over a glass of champagne, she was like ‘Gemma, you need to know your dates’."

"She brought out this dates calendar, her mum Julie took me to a fertility doctor years ago and I will never forget that. They know it all when it comes to having kids," Gemma continued.

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