Influencer shares candid snap of square bum and urges fans to love their own

Body positive influencer and model Nelly London has taken to Instagram to share a snap of her “square” bum.

The Brighton-based brunette often shares uplifting content with her 457,000 followers.

Nelly flaunts her body in all its natural glory – revealing her scars, cellulite and stretch marks to her fans.

She previously got a cast of her boobs to celebrate the journey she had been on with her breasts – and now, she's given a bit of attention to her bum.

In her recent Instagram post, the Instagrammer donned a pair of black lacy knickers while flaunting her behind.

She celebrated her natural curves and branded her derrière a “square” bum.

In the caption, Nelly explained that everyone should love their bum – no matter what shape or size it is.

She wrote: “The human butt.

“It goes without saying that all butts are good butts, obviously, but this post is for the square ones.

“The type that we never see in magazines or on clothing websites, the ones that workout guides give you tips to get rid of, the cute bumpy ones that deserve appreciation just as much as every other butt.”

Nelly started to question the term ‘square bum’ later in her post.

She added: “Need to add that square butts aren’t really square are they, who looks at that and sees a square?!

“I see a gloriously shaped masterpiece.”

Many people fled to the comments to praise the influencer for promoting self-love.

One person commented: “It looks like a gorge butterfly!!”

Another user praised: “The epitome of a natural beauty.”

A third person claimed: “You seriously have helped me so so much. I love my hip dips because of you.”

Someone else voiced: “I've hated my butt shape for years, especially when you see all these perfect heart shaped ones on the Internet yet never see people like us.

"This post is special, thank you, from the girls that have those 'square' shapes.”

And a fifth person expressed: “I love your butt in a no creepy way because it reminds me of my butt and you loving your butt makes me love my butt.”

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