Im married to six women – its chaotic when theyre all on their periods

Marriage isn't always easy.

Now imagine being in a relationship with multiple people…

That's the case for model and influencer Arthur O Urso who tied the knot with six different women.

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The Brazilian became known for creating a mansion of love and celebrating polygamy.

He's often open about life with his ladies, from how he splits up time with each women to their sex schedules.

Now he's spilled the beans on what it's like when they're on their periods.

Describing their time of the month, Arthur said: "It usually freaks me out."

According to the Brazilian model, his six women usually have different moods around this time.

He admitted: "I notice one or another crying in the corner for no reason.

"Others fight with me for whatever reason, some have an overwhelming desire for chocolates or sweets at home.

"It's chaos."

Arthur said he went through very difficult episodes and there were times he didn't know how to deal with his wives.

The influencer, who boasts 208,000 Instagram fans, added: "I came to believe that everything I did to help was wrong.

"It sounds funny, but the alternative was to surrender to natural medicine."

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To keep his mind at peace, he started a treatment to help with the health of his marriage.

He also rents an apartment to give his wives some space.

Arthur continued: "I manage to remain calm and at peace.

"That way I can help them get through the moments when their hormones are at their peak.

"We try to keep the chaos organised."

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