Im always stared at for being the youngest mum on school run

A young mum says she's stared at by fellow parents on the school run.

Leah Simpson believes she's judged for being 22 and having two kids.

She had her son when she was just 17-years-old and a daughter two years later.

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And now that her boy has turned four, she has dirty looks on the school run to contend with.

But instead of letting judgement from her peers bring her down, the British lass responded with a defiant TikTok video.

Jumping on a current viral trend, she lip synced along with the words: "You want a picture, let me pose for you now".

Leah posed with a peace sign, before flashing her middle finger at the camera.

She captioned the clip: “When you’re doing the school run but you’re the youngest mum so all the other mums stare”.

More than 443,000 people have liked the video – and many took the time to leave comments too.

One TikTok user wrote: "This was always me. Had my eldest at 14.

"I always say if I'd known the school playground is worse as parents I'd never have gone into it."

Another said: "This was me… means you get to love them longer."

A third commented: "It's not because you're young, it's because you're beautiful."

And a fourth added: "Oh they're just jealous hun. You're a stunner."


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