I'm a plumbing expert – here are 6 things you should never flush down your toilet or you could end up with a huge bill | The Sun

A PLUMBING expert has revealed six things you should never flush down your toilet as you could get hit with a huge bill.

Sean Richardson says that even "flushable" items can cause chaos in the pipes.

The expert has now listed the worst things to put in your loo – which could save you having to fork out hundreds of pounds on repairs.

Baby wipes

Sean told Express:  “Be wary of the flushable label, it could end up costing you hundreds of pounds.

“One of the biggest offenders we see most regularly are baby wipes. Although many baby wipes are labelled as flushable, they do not break down like toilet paper.

“They could clog your pipes, leaving you with an overflowing system.”

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The expert said the wipes should go straight into the bin as blockages could cost between £50 and £200.

Female hygiene products

Sean explained that female hygiene products should never be flushed down the loo as they can twist and clump together and cause a blockage.

They can also form a mass and stop any water or toilet paper getting down.

Sean added:  “A lot of these products are designed to expand when they come into contact with moisture and do not break down in water.

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“When these products are flushed down the toilet, they can get caught in the pipes and accumulate other debris, leading to blockages.”

Dental floss

The expert said while floss can seem harmless it doesn't break down in water and could easily cause a blockage.

Sean said that even flushing it once puts your toilet at risk of clogging up as the floss can wrap itself around other things in your toilet pipe.


The plumbing expert explained that hair is worse than dental floss.

He said it can get caught on other things and create a blockage that water can't pass through.

It can also build up in your sewer system and cause your toilet to overflow.

Paper towels/ tissues

Sean explained that while paper towels and tissues seem like they wouldn't be an issue they are.

He said they don't break down like toilet paper as they are thicker and won't break down in size.

They also absorb more water and expand in size, making it difficult for them to pass through the pipes.


Sean explained that much like floss, plasters don't dissolve.

They too can get tangled with other waste and clog the pipes up.

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