I was desperate for the perfect bum but my implants were a terrible mistake – I thought I was going to die | The Sun

A MUM feared she would die following botched surgery for the perfect bum.

Ximena Hurtado Lopez was hoping for a beautifully sculpted behind but was instead left with several large lumps, one of which burst.

The 49-year-old was in constant pain for a year and is still unable to sleep on her back or sit for long periods.

Ximena, from Croydon, South London, said: "Having this treatment was a terrible mistake that has meant I cannot lead a normal life.

"If I could go back I would never have had it done as it has left me in constant pain in my buttocks and back.

"I was told to trust the practitioner and that it would be really good for me, but it was a nightmare.


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"If they had told me of the possible side effects I would not have gone ahead.

"In the weeks after the treatment I thought I was going to die as the pain was so bad."

The mum-of-one visited the beauty clinic in May last year to have varicose vein reduction treatment.

While there, the practitioner convinced her to also have buttock augmentation.

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On the day of the operation, Ximena claims the staff member did not have the correct needles or gun but she felt obliged to go ahead anyway.

She said: "I was concerned from the start that something wasn’t right as they didn’t seem to know what they were doing, but they assured me everything would be fine.

"I was supposed to have an anaesthetic, but I was in agony from the very first moment they started injecting my buttocks.

"The pain was excruciating. On a scale of one to 10, it was a 10."

Several lumps developed on her bum within hours of the procedure.

When she called the clinic, they reportedly told her it was a normal reaction.

But a few weeks later, one of the lumps on her right cheek allegedly opened, creating an abscess wound which was leaking pus.

Ximena says she phoned the clinic again and was advised not to go to hospital but to return there to get cleaned up.

Three months later the wound reopened and she went to Guy's Hospital where she was given antibiotics and told that her treatment had not been carried out correctly.

She is now taking legal action against the clinic and urging anyone considering getting implants to think twice.

Ximena said: "I am really worried as the doctors don’t really know what is wrong with me.

"I’m scared as I don’t know what is inside me or if it can be treated.

"If anyone is considering going to one of these clinics I would say think twice, but if you want to go ahead make sure you do your research first."

Blanca Diego Casas, a specialist personal injury solicitor from Osbornes Law which is representing Ximena, said: "My client has suffered terribly through no fault of her own yet the defendant in this case is refusing to engage with us despite several attempts.

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"My client is understandably aggrieved that she has ongoing pain and health issues because of a treatment that went wrong.

"We hope we can get this matter settled as soon as possible so she can move on with her life."

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