I love my girlfriend but our relationship has become so boring I just want to dump her – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: IT is so boring being with my girlfriend. Now she has started buying things for the house “we are going to buy one day”.

I just want to dump her.

She’s 23 and I’m 28. We hardly ever have sex or do anything exciting. I go to hers about four nights a week. She meets me at the door in her pyjamas and we sit and watch TV.

When we are not together, she constantly texts me. She never goes out with her friends. It’s like her life revolves around me.

When I’m not with her, I see my mates, play football or go to the gym.

I want my life to be more exciting. There’s no spark between us and no energy.

I love her but I just feel at rock bottom.

DEIDRE SAYS: If you love her you need to explain how you feel and what changes you would like to see for this relationship to work.

Start showing some initiative.

Tell her you’d like to go out once a week together for a date night.

Encourage her to go out with her friends or to find fresh interests and arrange a night out once a month for all of your friends together.

If things don’t improve within a couple of months, you may have to accept she’s not right for you.

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