Hot teachers outfit after work wows fans after she goes from a five to a 10

A teacher has wowed TikTok fans with her racy outfits after school – with some saying she's so "hot" she's off the scale.

Alice, 23, from the US, recently shared a short video showing her before and after wearing her school outfit, which has now gained more than 2,700 likes.

In the clip, she was initially seen donning a fitted black dress and brown blazer, as she wrote: "Heard that I go from a 5 to a 10 in my after school outfit."

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In the caption, she added: "True? (I am 23!!)"

The video then transitions to show her in something more suitable for a nightclub than a school as she kneeled on the floor in a green halter-necked minidress, exposing her underboob and midriff.

Fans of @itsivy_aliiii, who regularly posts racy videos of herself online, impressed her fans once again with the eye-popping outfit, as some say she was way above a 10.

One user wrote: "So this is what happens after Maths!"

Another added: "You were a 10 throughout both of those."

A third said: "You are a 10 already & go to a 100."

However, others said they preferred her wearing her 'teacher' outfit and joked about the second outfit being better suited to a night out.

One user said: "School was better IMO."

Another quipped: "5pm to 10pm???"

A third commented: "Tbh you look better in 1st one in my opinion."

Others were more concerned about her students finding her page, writing: "Imagine a student of her's finds this [skull emoji]."

The news comes after the same high school teacher suggested her confidence soars when she transforms into a svelte bikini babe.

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She says people tell her she goes from a five out of 10 to a dazzling 10 out of 10 when she swaps her everyday attire for much tinier beachwear such as her string-tie bikini.

Miss Alice, who also appears to have hair extensions and lip fillers, showed off her tanned body, long legs, washboard abs and big boobs in the swimwear snap.

She uploaded the clip, saying: "People say I go from a 5 to a 10 in a bikini,” adding: "True."

The video has gained 137,000 views, with many people as people telling her she's equally gorgeous in both pictures.


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