Here’s How To Get Through Mercury Retrograde Smoothly If You’re A Gemini

It started on Jul. 7, 2019 and its wrath is going to take a hold of us until July 31 — it’s Mercury in retrograde, your worst nightmare — dun dun dun. Just kidding, it’s not that bad. Mercury’s retrograde period can be a trying time, to be sure, but it’s nothing we can’t handle, and at the end of the day, a little conflict management builds character. That said, the ways in which the retrograde affects us will vary based on our sign and zodiac temperament. If you’re a Gemini, you’ll want to know what you should and shouldn’t do during Mercury retrograde summer 2019, because your plan of action is going to be a bit different than the other signs.

Gemini is arguably the most dynamic sign in the zodiac, they feel deeply, the have the capacity to experience polar opposite extremes, and they they’re full of life and love to talk and interact with others. Unfortunately for Gemini, you’re under Mercury’s rule, so when the planet is moving in an apparent backward motion, so is your energy reserve. To some extent, this retrograde is your kryptonite. But that doesn’t mean your life is about to implode, it just means your zodiac influenced traits are going to be compromised.

Bustle talked to astrologer Kyle Thomas, who warns that "Gemini will be feeling more road blocks than any other sign (besides Virgo, who also is ruled by Mercury)." Thomas talked to Bustle about how Gemini can deal with this by making smart choices for themselves during this time and here’s what he suggests:

Do: Practice Self Love

During this period, spend some time focusing on how you can give yourself more self-love and listen to your intuition. "What is the Universe suddenly having pop up for you? Have you been revisiting a past situation and discovering new truths about it? Are you thinking about someone from before a bit more than normal?" Thomas encourages you to explore these questions during this time. "Sometimes retrogrades bring about fated reconnections and messages from the Universe. Trust these messages!" Thomas says, for, when Mercury goes back to normal speed, you’ll be even more capable.

Do: Chill Out

You’re not going to be able to steam full force ahead as usual, so take this as an opportunity to enjoy a slower pace. Thomas gives you permission to take a break, turn your energy inward and journal and meditate and re-familiarize yourself with your center. According to Thomas, if you take the time to do this now, you’ll be able to trust your gut going into Virgo season.

Don’t: Sweat The Small Stuff

There are going to be mishaps, but how you react to them is what’s important. If you’re feeling frustrated and like you want to get worked up over something, Thomas stresses the importance of calming yourself down and refusing to lean into petty moments of unnecessary rage. This is not the time to put energy into negative displays of expression.

Don’t: Keep Pushing It

Theres a lot that you want to do; you have big goals for yourself and the Gemini hustle doesn’t slow down over the summer, so this suggestion will be hard for you: don’t push new projects right now. According to Thomas, this isn’t the time for your work to be received in the best possible way, so you need to wait until retrograde is over. Though you might feel like firing forward, all the other signs you work and interact with don’t feel the same way, so cool it — for now.

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