Heres How Hannah Montana Fame Miley Cyrus Makes Her Riches

She grew up with a famous father and made her mark as a young teen, starring in Disney’s popular television show Hannah Montana but Miley Cyrus has shown she has more skills in addition to acting and has gone on to earn a $160 Million fortune in her short, 30 years.

Known for her upbeat and sometimes wild personality, the singer, songwriter, actress and media influencer has found herself in headlines more than once. Regardless of the ups and downs of Cyrus’ career, she’s continued to earn millions for her business savvy and through the love of her fans.

Check out the many ways Cyrus earns her fortune.

10 A Successful Acting Career

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Destiny Hope Cyrus was born in Tennessee with a heart condition. Despite the abnormality, her parents Tish Finley and Billy Ray Cyrus nicknamed her ‘Smiley’ because she was always smiling. Smiley was later shorted to Miley and the star later legally changed her name to Miley Ray Cyrus in 2008.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, while in Toronto for her father’s work on the television series Doc, Cyrus earned an acting role in the same series and in 2003, landed another acting gig in Tim Burton’s Big Fish. What truly skyrocketed Cyrus’ fame was her role as Hannah Montana, making $15,000 per episode or roughly $210,000 per season, in the popular Disney television series by the same name in 2006.

9 The Disney Stint

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While working on the set of Hannah Montana, it became evident that Cyrus’ musical talent was another revenue stream. She worked with Hollywood Records to release albums as her Hannah Montana character.

As the singer made the switch to releasing Cyrus approved music, she released successful singles like “The Climb”, “Party in the U.S.A.” and “Wrecking Ball”. The 2014 concert tour supporting her album “Bangerz” earned the singer $62 million over 78 shows all over the world.

8 Writing Songs

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Believe it or not, Cyrus is also an amazing songwriter. Two of her biggest hits, including “The Climb” was co-written by the star, establishing the fact that if she never took the stage again the songstress could earn a ton of profit just from her writing and publishing work.

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7 The Continued Acting Opportunities

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In addition to her Hannah Montana days, Cyrus has continued acting on the big screen in tandem with her singing career. She met her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth while filming The Last Song and has worked alongside Demi Moore, Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon Levitt in various blockbuster hits. Cyrus has also made appearances on television shows like Amazon’s Crisis in Six Scenes and Netflix’s Black Mirror.

6 Lending Her Voice

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According to The Things, when artists invite others to appear on a track for their upcoming album, it’s not a cheap endeavor. For instance, Nicki Minaj reportedly charges up to $250,000 to join in on a verse for someone else’s album. Cyrus has been a guest on tracks for, Mark Ronson and Juicy J. just to name a few.

5 Helping Others Spark Their Careers

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The superstar earned $13 million per season when she served as a coach on NBC’s The Voice. She coached for season 11 and season 13, alongside Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Alicia Keys in season 11 and joined Jennifer Hudson in season 13 with Voice alums. Each coach was accompanied by mentors, allowing fans to watch Cyrus work with her country music star father and Joan Jett respectively.

4 Creating a Clothing Line

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In 2009, Cyrus created a jr. clothing line sold at Walmart, called “Miley Cyrus and Max Azria”. Not only was the star incredibly popular at the time, fans grew to love the collection and she would have earned millions on the deal. The clothing line seemed to disappear around 2012, however, Cyrus hasn’t given up on the visual artist side of herself. She continues to create artwork using unique mediums and doesn’t expect to earn a fortune from it.

3 Backing Other Companies With Her Name

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It’s not uncommon to hear about the revenue celebrities earn through endorsements, however, Cyrus has made it clear, she’ll only back those she truly believes in. The fashion icon has regularly backed companies like Southern Made Hollywood Paid or the Happy Hippie Foundation to support her foundation by the same name, helping LGBTQ youth. Find Cyrus in commercials for Converse and Marc Jacobs among others.

2 Social Media Influencer

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With 105 million followers on social media, it makes sense that Cyrus can earn extra funds through posting advertising of her favorite brands. The influencer can easily make up to $2 million to post another company’s product on her social media, making her opinion of your new makeup, clothing line or specialty item pretty important.

1 Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party

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The songstress has hosted a variety of New Year’s Eve celebrations over the years and co-hosted with the likes of Pete Davidson and others. However, according to Life and Style Magazine, in 2022, Cyrus announced her special cohost would be none other than her godmother, Dolly Parton. The festivities were aired live from Miami on NBC and fans can’t wait to see what she does in 2023.

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