Hair expert shares four hairstyles that ‘look great on mature women’

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At any age, it is possible to maintain a youthful appearance and face-framing haircuts draw the eyes to the best facial features. Here are four hairstyles women over 40 should consider if they want to take a few years off. 

Pixie cut with side-swept fringe 

Short haircuts are a classic way to highlight the eyes and cheekbones, and Ghanima Abdullah, hair expert and cosmetologist at The Right Hairstyles and suggests modernising the style with a side-sweeping fringe. 

The hair expert explained: “Ever seen a pixie cut where the bangs steal all the attention? This is what you’re after: long, side-swept bangs.” 

The rest of the hair should be “piece-y and angled” and the cut should “swirl around your head to hide any hair loss”. 

For those that want to create extra volume, ask a hairdresser for extra layers. 

Ghanima added: “Generally, pixies that add volume are cut very short in the back, a little long around the ears and long up top.” 

It’s also advisable to take a few images of the cut you’re thinking of to the salon, to see what’s possible and what will look best on you. 

As for how the hairstyle can be recreated out of the hairdresser’s chair, a pixie cut is easy to maintain and manage. 

Curtain bangs 

No matter the length of your hair – long or short – adding a fringe can “instantly promote symmetry and take years off”. 

Ghanima said curtain bangs “flatter just about any face at any age” as well as “neatly framing the face while drawing attention away from serious ageing signs”. 

Curtain bangs are a type of fringe cut that creates a soft, natural-looking wave at the top of the head and “give a youthful appearance”. 

The hair expert said they “look great on mature women” as they make the face appear “smaller and slimmer” when they stop near the cheekbone. 

For those with long hair, curtain bangs are an instant way to create more volume, interest and movement. 

Ghanima said: “Curtain bangs are always flirtatious if you’re looking to rejuvenate your look over 50.” 

Usually, curtain bangs are worn when the hair is down, but are great for framing the face should you want to wear your hair up. 

Asymmetrical Lob 

The ‘lob’ is a longer version of the classic bob and is a popular look Gina Rivera, celebrity hairstylist and Founder of Phenix Salon Suites said. 

It’s a great hairstyle for those that don’t want to “commit” to short hair and it’s also “terrific for creating a youthful look”. 

To do this, the cut needs lots of layers to create texture which Gina says is “great for ageing beauties” as “texture allows for a lot of movement and can be worn fuller than a sleek lob which results in softening features”. 

Adding a deep side part into the asymmetrical cut can also “create more volume at the top of the head” because there is literally more hair on one side. So for anyone thinning, it’s a great way to hide hair loss. 

Long, face-framing layers 

For the “young at heart” women, long hair can be modernised by adding face-framing layers, Gina told 

“Layering allows for the removal of damaged ends and also creates a lot of opportunities for styling,” the expert explained. 

When it comes to getting a haircut, it’s best to consult a stylist on maintenance to “regain hair health” and Gina recommends getting a trim “every four to six weeks”. 

In addition, the hair expert suggests using products packed with “biotin, collagen and B Vitamins” as these three ingredients can help hair look young and healthy. 

As for what else can be done to promote healthy hair, there are a few things to consider. 

1. Stay hydrated – drinking lots of water helps with the whole body’s function, but hair needs to be moisturised to grow. 

2. Avoid over-washing – washing your hair too much can dry it out, but you want to wash it enough to get rid of the oil. One to two times a week is a good rule of thumb. 

3. Be mindful of how you style your hair – whatever you do with your hair, be gentle. Styles that pull or tug can cause damage. Also avoid high-heat blow dryers and styling tools, as well as harsh chemicals in hair salon treatments. 

4. Consider a hair supplement – as women age, they stop producing as much oil and collagen, which not only affects the skin, but also the hair.

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