Fuming mum destroys own gender reveal party after finding out sex of her baby

A mum has gone viral after she threw a tantrum at her own gender reveal party and left after finding out her baby's sex.

TikToker Ky was one of the guests invited to the party in Chicago and was left speechless when she witnessed what unfolded.

"When you destroy your gender reveal because you don't want another girl," she said in a video.

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The garden party was set up with blue and pink balloons and photo-op props in front of two long tables.

The mum can be heard yelling: "Not another girl!"

She then pulled down a banner and stormed off to leave her guests on their own.

"Awww, she's really mad," Ky said to her. "It's okay." Ky admitted she "didn't think it was for real".

While the adults were figuring it out what to do, young boys and girls could be seen popping the "gender reveal balloons" and chasing each other around the tables.

Ky, however, said: "Y'all, I'm still in shock."

Viewers criticised the mum's reaction and called it "ungrateful".

One shared: "You should be grateful that God gives you another beautiful gift. I have two girls and one girl on the way!"

"I get disappointed but to destroy?" a second questioned.

A third said: "And then there are some women who can't have babies at all."

Some mums stepped in and shared their experience, saying they could understand the mum's frustration.

"I felt her pain I wanted my daughter to be a boy but after her, my son came so I was blessed," one wrote.

Another "girl mum" also said she could feel her pain, explaining: "I had six girls, never got a boy."


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