From Most Goals to Most Wins: Here Are the Records the U.S. National Team Broke During World Cup

The U.S. women’s national soccer team doesn’t just win — they dominate.

On Sunday, the USWNT took home the women’s World Cup title for the fourth time after defeating the Netherlands 2-0. In the 60th minute, a low penalty shot from Megan Rapinoe put the team ahead. Nine minutes later, Rose Lavelle’s powerful goal from centerfield doubled their lead.

But they have a lot more to celebrate than just their win. Not only has the team maintained America’s lead in most women’s World Cup wins (four total, two more than the next team), but they broke a lot of records throughout this tournament in France — from most goals scored in the tournament, to the first coach to win two World Cup titles.

Here are all the records broken by the USWNT in the 2019 World Cup.

Most consecutive World Cup wins.

They came ready to defend their title and they did just that.

The USWNT now has two consecutive wins under their belt, 2015 and 2019, making them tied with Germany, who won in 2003 and 2007.

Most goals in a FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament.

With Lavelle’s goal in the 69th minute, the USWNT broke the record for the most goals scored by a team during a FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament, ESPN reported. They scored 26 total throughout the tournament.

Most goals scored in a single Women’s World Cup match.

The incredible team started off their World Cup journey with a landslide victory over Thailand — shutting them out 13-0. It put them in the top spot for the most goals scored by a team in a single match, in both the men’s and women’s world cup, Time reported.

Highest margin of victory in a game.

Their 13-0 win also helped them break the record for the highest margin of victory in soccer history, in both the women’s and men’s World Cup. The previous record was set by Germany’s team in the 2007 Women’s World Cup when they won 11-0 against Argentina. The highest margin of victory in a men’s World Cup game trails behind at 9-0.

Most goals scored by a single player in a women’s World Cup game.

Co-captain Alex Morgan broke the record for the most goals scored by a single player during a women’s World Cup match during their Thailand shut-out. The phenomenal forward scored five out of the 13 goals, bringing her to the top alongside U.S. striker Michelle Akers who originally set the record of five goals in 1991.

First coach to win two World Cup titles.

Jill Ellis, FIFA’s 2015 coach of the year, has now coached her team through two World Cup victories, making her the first women’s coach to ever win two titles. According to CNN, the only other coach to do so was Italy’s men’s coach Vittorio Pozzo, in 1934 and 1938.

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