Frequent flyer shares the WORST traveler behavior

Are YOU guilty of these travel sins? Frequent flyer exposes the ‘WORST things’ a person can do while flying – from being ‘unprepared for security’ to ‘stampeding at the gate’

  • Frequent flyers know the headaches that come from traveling all too well, and annoying behaviors from unruly passengers top the list for many
  • Traveler and influencer Tinx, 32, from California, has now opened up about the ‘worst’ things people can do while flying 
  • From the ‘a**holes’ who overstuff the overhead bins to the ‘unprepared’ flyers at security, she voiced her frustrations over bad behavior at airports and on planes
  • It appears as though Tinx isn’t alone as other users offered up even more flying faux paus that get under their skin including, reclining your seat way too far back
  • Airplane etiquette has been a hot topic of debate of late, with dozens of social media users recently venting about seat switch requests and ‘seat spreaders’

Airplane travel is never the easiest of experiences – but one frequent flyer is now attempting to lighten the load for herself and her fellow passengers by bluntly exposing the ‘worst things’ people can do in airports and on planes. 

Frequent flyers, such as 32-year-old influencer Tinx – who is based in Los Angeles, California, but regularly flies to visit family in London and New York – understand that having to deal with the annoying behaviors of fellow passengers is not an easy task. 

In fact, the topic of airplane etiquette has sparked ferocious debate in recent weeks, with dozens of people taking to social media to vent about everything from seat switch requests to ‘seat spreaders’.  

Now Tinx – whose real name is Christina Najjar – has shared her own frustrations, revealing the ‘worst’ behaviors that make for ‘awful travelers’, while urging anyone who is guilty of such sins to ‘take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror before you travel again.’  

A frequent flyer has taken to TikTok to expose the ‘worst things’ people can do while traveling on airplanes – laying bare the most annoying behavior that irks other passengers 

Tinx, 32 – whose real name is Christina Najjar – first described her frustration with travelers who come ‘unprepared’ to security (stock image) 

The Los Angeles-based influencer explained her anger at the other passengers who are ‘a**holes’ when it comes to the overhead bins (stock image)

The five ‘WORST’ flying faux pas, according to frequent flyers

  • Being ‘unprepared’ at security  
  • ‘Overstuffing’ the overhead bins  
  • ‘Overcrowding’ the gate prior to boarding 
  • Travelers who recline their seats way too far back
  • ‘Overly talkative’ passengers  

Captioning the video, ‘The worst things people do while traveling,’ the influencer, who frequently jets off to lavish vacations, placed ‘unprepared’ flyers at the top of her list. 

‘Let’s begin with people that are unprepared at the front of the security line. It’s a security line, you know what’s coming, and yet there are still people who are fumbling around with their laptop like a child who forgot their homework. 

“”Do I have to take off my jacket?”‘ Yes, spoiler alert, you always have to take off your jacket. Please keep the theatrical water chugging to the Uber,’ she joked. 

Other users chimed in on this rule and slammed the flyers who ‘don’t check their pockets before going thru the metal detector and have to go back’, and another user even said those who fail to prepare for security ‘boil [their] blood.’

Next up, Tinx trashed the ‘gate crowders’. 

‘Next, let’s discuss the gate crowders, they haven’t even put up our flight on the little digital board and you’re crowding around the gate like its the stampede from The Lion King, grinding your foot into the ground like you’re about to run with the bulls. 

‘Aside from the fact that you’re in group five, I got to tell you buddy, we’re all going to the same place, we’re all getting on the same plane.’ 

Other travelers shared their thoughts on the gate crowders, one even referring to them as ‘gate lice’ and another adding that those who flood the gates prior to boarding should ‘calm down’. 

Lastly, the influencer explained her anger at the other passengers who are ‘a**holes’ when it comes to the overhead bins. 

‘It always baffles me with the bins because it’s very simple, just don’t be an a**hole. 

‘Put your overstuffed away suitcase and your ugly little personal item in the seat in front of you.’ 

Fellow frequent flyers also shared their qualms in regards to overhead bins, with one user claiming they ‘despise people who put their carry on in overhead in row three and they are sitting in row 50’, and another user adding the overstuffing of the overhead space ‘gets [them] every time.’ 

It appears as though Tinx isn’t alone in her thinking either as other users offered up even more flying faux paus that get under their skin. 


Are YOU guilty of these flying faux pas?

Are YOU guilty of these flying faux pas?

Now share your opinion

Many users slammed those who stand up as soon as the plane lands. 

One user said: ‘How about those who as soon as the plane is stopped and the seatbelt sign is off they rush to the front of the plane.’ 

Other users continued to chime in about the behaviors that give them the ‘ick.’ 

One user commented: ‘What about the people that go back and forth in the aisle trying to choose a seat that suits their preference while other people are boarding?’

‘People reclining all the way into your lap when flying in coach,’ added another user. 

‘Kicking seat backs, being overly talkative when I clearly don’t wanna talk, chewing with the mouth open, clapping when the plane lands,’ wrote one user

And it appears as though there are even more flying faux pas then Tinx listed as travel site Only Wunder Lust surveyed 1,5000 frequent flyers and asked what the most annoying problem they faced was. 

According to the survey, those flyers who kick your seat while in the air lead the list, passengers who exhale bad odor came in second and loud and unruly passengers came in third place. 

Although she has yet to release it, Tinx has said she’ll be posting a part two explaining the ‘worst’ behaviors of travelers. 

Tinx’s video has thrown further fuel on the fire of the airplane seat debate – and comes after a Reddit user brought the topic to the forefront of conversation when he asked if he was an ‘a**hole’ for refusing to switch seats for a family to sit together, after a mom denied to switch her seat for a family after’s columnist Jaci Stephen offered up her view on the topic. 

Earlier this month, another Reddit user shared her experience traveling with passengers who exhibit unusual behavior.   

Reddit user Emily Kauai, from Florida, divided many people on social media after she shared a photo of herself squished into her seat because the man sitting next to her had spread his legs so wide that she didn’t have any room for herself. 

In the photo, which was shared under the thread Well That Sucks, the unnamed man could be seen sitting with his legs spread apart on a recent Southwest Airlines flight. 

Her picture sparked debate as many users slammed the unidentified man for his disrespectful’ and ‘rude behavior, while others defended him and claimed that tall people have no choice but to spread out their limbs on flights. 

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