expert tips on how to wear jeans in summer

If the idea of wearing jeans in summer leaves you in a sweat, you're not wrong. Sure, it's much more comfortable to throw on a floaty dress or have your legs on display in a pair of light and airy shorts, but for those cooler nights when the temperature dips, it's always a good idea to have your trusty denim on hand.

What's more, despite the scorching heat, it appears that many Brits aren't as ready to bare their skin just yet, with House of Fraser reporting that searches for 'summer denim' have spiked by 264% over the last month.

If this sounds like you, don't fret. Luckily, there are tons of ways to wearing denim during the summer months. From thinking about the fit and style of your jeans to the fabric weight, the brand has shared some handy tips so you can continue to wear your favourite denim pieces all summer long.

Don’t go for raw denim

It may seem obvious, but to survive the summer in your denim, style experts from House of Fraser suggest ditching your winter jeans in favour of a lightweight style, which they say "can actually feel better than some khakis and chinos in the summer as denim is actually a fairly breathable weave compared to tight cotton."

‘’Don’t try to make your raw and heavy-duty denim that you slip into in winter work for the summer. You’ll just be left feeling uncomfortably hot and stiff. It’s important to change up your denim thickness with the season."

To do this, they recommend taking a look at what your denim weighs, explaining: "It's usually on the external or internal label of your jeans and like most textiles used in clothing, denim is measured in ounces."

"Most denim jeans usually use cloth that weighs between 12 and 16 ounces per yard, but for a pair that promise to be more comfortable in the summer look for styles that are 12oz and under," they add.

Do Lighten Up

Whilst indigo and black jeans may be your go-to all year round, for summer, the brand recommends opting for lighter shades of denim, revealing that "whilst white jeans may seem like an impractical choice, in summer they are the perfect neutral base to style alongside bright colours."

"Unlike black, they reflect the heat, rather than absorb it and are the perfect choice to keep your cool," they add. However, if white isn't your thing, the brand says that there's softer shades you can opt for, such as ecru or more colour alternatives like green or lilac – tapping into the colour block look that's trending this season.

Do get Distressed

Although ripped jeans may feel very 70s punk-rock, it's actually a great option if you want to keep cooler in the warmer weather. "Over the years we’ve seen the over-the-top ripped, torn and slashed jeans, but this season we’ve established them as a trend where less is more," House of Fraser style experts explain.

"Having reined it back in, distressed jeans with a couple of slashes between your knee and pocket liner are a great look to wear in summer thanks to that bit of extra ventilation it provides".

They continue: "When styling distressed jeans in summer just remember not to over-accessorise and keep the look minimal. A fool-proof formula for an off-duty denim summer look? Distressed jeans, a crisp white tea and some sandals.’’

Don’t Tighten Up

There's nothing worse than throwing on your favourite skinny jeans in summer only to be left all hot and bothered later in the day. To keep things cool, the brand says to "retire them for good" in favour of more forgiving fits, claiming that ‘’super-skinny and spray-on jeans have been on their way out for a while".

"Skin-hugging denim traps your style as much as your sweat. Opt for straight, relaxed, mom or wide-leg jeans and let your skin breathe in the warm weather. Balance the silhouette with a tucked-in or tighter fitting top.’’

Don’t Go Full Length

If you don't want to show off your legs in a mini skirt or a pair of shorts this summer, it doesn't mean you have to go for a full-length pair of jeans. These days, there's tons of cropped styles that are practical yet fashionable.

Another option is to roll up your jean cuffs says House of Fraser's style experts. "Having a little bit of ankle on show by rolling up your jean cuffs will not only balance out the outfit nicely, but will surprisingly help cool you down," they explain.

Ready to shop for your sweat-free summer denim? House of Fraser have a versatile collection of women’s jeans where you can find the perfect pair to solve all your denim dilemmas, including styles by big-name brands like Levis, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein Jeans.


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