Expert says air fryer uses less energy than electric oven this winter

The cost of living crisis continues to cripple millions of Brits.

With many money saving tips out there already, households could benefit from more handy tricks.

Now according to an expert, you could cut the cost of cooking by switching from an electric oven to an air fryer.

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Sustainability guru Alan Pears, from RMIT University in Melbourne, claimed the appliance uses half of the electricity.

He said: "Air fryers use half of the electricity, and you get the same result."

There are many reasons why it's cheaper, but mainly because of how fast the kitchen appliance heats up.

He told Renew Magazine: "An air fryer heats up in a few minutes, much faster than a conventional oven, while drawing about two-thirds as much instantaneous power.

"It also uses a combination of radiant heat, which is instant, and high-speed circulation of hot air.

"High air flow over food dramatically increases the rate of heat transfer to the food. Think about the 'chill' effect of cold, high speed winter winds in reverse.

"Fan-forced conventional ovens use this feature to some extent, but air fryers take it to another level: The higher the air speed the greater the heat flow."

He also said the "rapid crisping" effect achieved by an air fryer reduces evaporation of water from food, which also saves energy.

Alan pointed out the savings gap closes when you have to cook several batches in an air fryer, a likely situation when feeing a big family.

In other money saving tips, an expert previously revealed eating certain foods before bed can save money.

According to sleep gurus, enjoying specific foods can keep your body temperature up so you don't need the heating on.

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