Dogs stolen from car outside Sainsbury’s returned months later after £5k reward

Two beloved dogs who were stolen from their owner's car have been returned months later after a generous reward.

Katy Mercer was desperate to be reunited with her two stolen pet Chihuahuas who had been nicked from her car.

She even offered a £5,000 reward in hopes of being reunited with Dinky and Doris, who were dognapped from the boot of her car in a supermarket car park four months ago.

Mrs Mercer said it was the reunion she thought she would never enjoy after the dogs were taken from the back of her Mercedes SUV in the car park of Sainsbury’s in Hinckley on March 13.

The 41-year-old said: “I had not given up hope because you never can but my hopes were fading with every day that passed, reports Leicestershire Live

She paid the reward on Friday after Dinky and Doris were identified by an unsuspecting buyer who had purchased the dogs not knowing they were stolen.

“When I saw Dinky and Doris and then held them in my arms again I could not believe it," Mrs Mercer recalled.

"They are my family and I am overcome with joy. These have been the worst 16 weeks of my life. I have my babies back now so all is well that ends well.”

Mrs Mercer initially offered a reward of £1,000 for the safe return of her pets, then upped that to £2,000 and then £5,000.

She had 20,000 leaflets and 65 six-foot long plastic banners made to try to find her pets.

Mrs Mercer, husband Fraser and friends handed out hundreds of leaflets and asked shopkeepers and publicans to put the posters in their windows.

They also tied banners to roundabouts on major routes in and out of Hinckley and fastened one outside the town’s train station.

Mrs Mercer told how she was on holiday in Greece last week when she heard that Dinky and Doris had been found.

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