Daily horoscope for October 17: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Yesterday’s Libra New Moon is now over and the next star sign, Scorpio, is its first port of call. From here Earth’s natural satellite heads towards a Conjunction with Mercury. Conjunctions occur when two different planets combine in the same sign.

These aspects are commonly considered to be intensely focused and take place when two planetary bodies are zero degrees apart.

Today’s combination unusually offers direct access to the heart of the matter.

So the start of another well-earned weekend is therefore an ideal opportunity to think long and hard about anything you wish to change in your life for the long term.

Prepare to make the most of your time off the weekend by focussing on projects with a laser-like precision.

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This position will also be particular helpful for dumping anything toxic that is dragging you down.

Retrograde Mercury in Scorpio is right there – as is the Scorpio Moon.

As a result, let the scales fall from your eyes as the hours begin to pass.

This is an auspicious moment in astrological circles, as the heavens are readying you for one of the most profound transformations of the year.

As the Scorpio Moon cements its Opposition with planetary pair Uranus in Taurus, you may experience a sense of detachment.

The mood will be vital for those readying to have a surgical precision.

Uranus prepares the Moon for today’s Conjunction with Retrograde Mercury.

This could potentially kick-start your profound journey into truth.

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Astrologers advice to speak truth about yourself during this time.

And telling the truth about others and empowering awareness might also be improve.

The influence of Retrograde Mercury has been known to be associated with a time for reflection.

This definitely does not mean you should search for recrimination or recrimination – it only requires an honest assessment.

Fortunately, Uranus in Taurus is on hand giving you the scientific detachment you need.

Many may feel like the entire year has been preparing you for this moment.

Some say they almost feel reborn, once numerous layers of attachments and lies have been stripped away.

And although this may not feel pleasant at the time, eventually it will feel worth the trouble.

You will then be ready and able to face the truth straight in the eye.

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