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Sunday’s horoscope heavily revolves around the Moon’s residency in Virgo. Astrologers argue this can mean you are suddenly fixated by life’s smaller details. Many people are now entering the final few hours of the festive holidays and will soon have to return to the nitty-gritty world of work and responsibilities.

As a result, you should expect to feel things shift slightly this Sunday.

Some suggest this may also be due to the fact the Moon is positioned in nit-picking star sign Virgo as the weekend edges to a close.

This may manifest itself in an unstoppable urge to get your affairs in order for the year ahead.

A Trine with Uranus in Taurus is thought to provide a certain spark this Sunday.

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Trines are an aspect in astrology formed when two celestial bodies are positioned approximately 120 degrees distant.

This combination is believed to be all the more potent as it involves planet Uranus.

Taken in tandem, those who have work to ready in time for Monday can anticipate getting some help from today’s Virgo Moon.

Virgo is widely-recognised as a busy area of the zodiac, with those associated with the sixth astrological sign thought to possess a critical eye and a spring in their step.

This should prove to be of great use with so much to prepare to get the year off to a good start.

Such a productive attitude will most likely find you working on something in order to scratch that itch.

So if all goes according to plan, Sunday should end with you feeling satisfied with a job well done.

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However, Virgo’s relentless nervous energy may prove a little too much for some today.

Should you feel a little overwhelmed at this time, simply disregard such star sign clichés and find your own path.

Today is also considered an opportune moment to start some form of detox.

Virgo is famed for its propensity for healthy living and detoxing, not to mention all the list-making and precise measuring involved.

And although this may not sound like an onerous task, it should not once you get started.

This is because when Uranus Trines the Moon, ordinary chores can take-on more exciting dimensions.

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