Daily horoscope for February 14: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Astrology: People want to relate to horoscopes says Vyse

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Sunday, February 14, sees the Moon enter star sign Aries, meaning you should immediately feel much more certain about yourself. Pisces is thought as the final sign of the zodiac, associated with slowing down and contemplating the other world.

And YouTube astrologer Gregory Scot reveals Aries is conversely considered the polar opposite.

He said: “Aries is spring and feeling ‘lets hit the ground running right now.’”

Mercury remains in Aquarius where it Conjuncts gas giant Jupiter – also in Aquarius.

A Conjunction occurs in astrology when a pair of planets combine in the same sign.

Scott believes this mitigates the Mercury Retrograde influence somewhat.

The astrologer said: “I do not think you are going to get things as wrong as you have as with other [most recent] days. But still pay attention.

The Aries Moon also forms an identical aspect, this time with rogue asteroid Chiron.

Earth’s natural satellite then proceeds to form a Sextile with ringed planet Saturn in Aquarius.

A Sextile is an aspect in astrology formed when planets are two signs or roughly 60 degrees apart.

Scott suspects these latest developments are extra good news for your Sunday.

He said: “That is great. You can now heal through doing things for other people.

“You do not have to only think for yourself all the time and be an island.

“You can take things at face value again. So this this latest ‘mirage’ theme starts to peter-out by the end of the week. Everything starts to reflect what they actually are.”

Sunday could also be an ideal opportunity for checking-in with loved ones as a result.

Mr Scott adds this is also a period where you may feel particularly inspired with cleaning your home and preparing for the week ahead.

He said: “Sunday was good for getting things in order. A good time to sort things out.

“Try balancing that with some human connections so you feel like you are having a really good day.

“Do the things you can – be practical in your home and you local area, but also make sure you speak with loved ones, because they need you.”

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