Country girl shares teen pic to flaunt transformation and is hailed ‘beautiful’

A country girl has flaunted her remarkable glow up transformation, revealing her 13-year-old self would "scream" if she could see her.

The woman, who goes by Hallie M, shared a picture of what she looked like at 13 and what she looks like now, at 26.

In the first photo in her TikTok video, she's seen looking away from the camera.

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It's captioned: "13 year old me would scream if she saw me now."

The clip then switches to an image of Hallie M as a teenage, sporting a pink Aero 1987 T-shirt, stonewash jeans and straight brunette hair down to her shoulders. She also has a white bag over her shoulder.

And just to hammer home how unrecognisable she is after her glow up, the video ends with a recent photo showing her wearing a salmon-coloured dress and chunky heels in front of a beautiful pink and orange sunset.

The only thing that's the same in both pictures is her beaming smile.

She captioned the video: "Happy with me [love eye emoji]."

Viewers flocked to the comments sections to shower her with compliments, with one writing: "Absolutely gorgeous".

A second quipped: "You're absolutely beautiful", while a third added: "Beautiful [love eyes emoji]".

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A fourth took the opportunity to ask Hallie for her number, simply stating: "Number pls".

Earlier this year a self-declared country MILF also took to TikTok to show off her beauty.

Mary Burke, who is an OnlyFans content creator, revealed she lifts heavy wood and works on the farm topless.

During the day, she is a country girl, who works around the farm and shares her love of construction and building online with her "Make it with Mary Construction" videos documenting her home improvement projects.


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