Costa worker shows curves with apron hack that stops you looking like pencil

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    A Costa coffee worker has shown the perfect way to wear the famous apron without concealing the shape of your body underneath.

    Katie Nichols turned the dull-looking, shapeless accessories into a "cute" uniform.

    She posted on TikTok, showing off her curves and reminding her viewers that it is "the only way to try the apron".

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    Rather than putting the top loop through her head, Katie folds the apron in half and wraps the strings around her waist and brings it to the front so she can tie a knot.

    Then she flips the top half of the apron up and wears it over her neck.

    After adjusting the neck strap, the apron sits perfectly and gives a cinched-in waist thanks to the trick to tie the straps.

    Fans were shocked and said the hack makes wearing the apron much cuter.

    One said: "Mine doesn't do this, I look like a pencil every time I wear my apron."

    "I worked in Costa for four years and could never make that apron look nice," a second wrote.

    And one who claimed to be a chef thanked Katie and added: "Girl I wear an apron every day, this is a fire trick! I will be using this every day."

    But some said the crucial step to make the trick work is "be pretty and skinny".

    "My back fat would 'eat' the string," a person commented and another added: "My tummy would simply just not let me. But you look so good girl!"

    Katie said it also secures the apron better, explaining: "Cinch the waist girl. I just pull it as tight as possible but this is better, makes it shorter too!"


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