Clever fan trick could help you feel much cooler during the heatwave

All year we Brits begged the sky for some sunny, warm weather.

But, now that it’s here we’re sweltering and can’t seem to sleep!

A UK heatwave isn’t quite like any other and it’s left us all wanting to cool down and feel a bit chilly in order to get some decent kip and stop sweating incessantly.

For that reason, many Brits have bought fans and are blasting them at full speed.

However, did you know that there’s a particular way to use your fan which will keep you cooler than any other trick?

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When using a fan to get a chilly breeze make sure you set it to run anti-clockwise.

You’ll feel much colder!

And, we know, it sounds odd and a bit like a hoax, but an expert has explained that the anti-clockwise blade rotation pushes the cooler air towards the floor.

This means that the colder air will help to make sweat evaporate and a wind chill effect can help you feel more comfortable.

After all, heat rises so pumping cold in at a lower area can help to push the hot air out and away!

Other tips for keeping cool include keeping the blinds or curtains shut until the evening and popping bowls of ice in front of your fans.

The heatwave is expected to last until Friday, but even after it breaks there will be pockets of hot weather until August!

Meanwhile, you can make DIY air conditioning with some common household items.

And, a pregnant woman has shared her hack for staying cold during the heatwave – and it only costs £1.49.

In other news, children have been treated for severe sunburn due to the extremely high temperatures.

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