Cinema worker says you should never order cheese nachos when you visit

There is nothing better than having some snacks to munch along while watching a movie in a cinema.

But a worker has warned customers not to order nachos at theatres, bizarrely claiming you might risk "getting cancer" from the cheese topping – but without any actual scientific evidence to back her up.

A woman, whose name is @melxmamaz on TikTok, posted a series of clips "exposing movie theatres" on her account and told her viewers to eat nachos "at your own risk".

Revealing the scene behind the counter, the mum-of-two opens the cheese sauce machine and reveals a bag fitted upside down inside the machine.

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She says: "Nacho cheese is not homemade and you probably get cancer from the hot plastic."

The worker then shows how she replaces a bag of nachos dip sauce. She first removes a plastic tube along with the empty sack.

The TikToker then takes out a new bag and attaches a new tube onto it before placing it inside the machine, which will eventually heat up the sauce.

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"The machine is so hot it can cause burns. It literally says that on here," she adds. "Don't need it. We don't need it."

Her video has quickly raked in 3 million views but many poked fun at the idea that someone would even think the movie theatre delicacy was homemade.

One said: "Who thought they had a massive homemade pot of queso in the back and a little grandma standing on a stool stirring it?"

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Another wrote: "I mean, who honestly thinks it's homemade? Nothing exposed but the fact that y'all don't clean the machine."

"Forget the bag, that machine looks like it could give someone the plague," a third added while a fourth reassured that it won't cause cancer because food company used "food safe plastic bags".

But some insisted that they will still eat it because it tastes amazing.

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