Cafe’s epic reply to review complaining about ‘assault on ears’ music at eatery

A cafe owner hit back at an online reviewer who described the music being played in her establishment as an 'assault on the ears'.

Anna Lamb, who runs Nibble, in Hull, claimed to know who the dissatisfied customer was and said he had left her staff "upset" and "embarrassed", Hull Live reports.

Nibble currently holds TripAdvisor's number one spot for restaurants in Hull, with 200 out of 250 reviews describing it as "excellent" and a further 38 rating it "very good".

Jim, who entitled the "average" review as "avoid the Sunday live music ", described the music played at the venue as an "assault on the ears" and said he was forced to sit in "silence or shout".

He wrote on the review site: "Nice enough cafe with good coffee and varied menu.

"The traditional breakfast was plentiful but the black pudding was like cardboard a relatively minor issue.

"The rest of our group had eggs Benedict and enjoyed it. The portions for all were very good.

"However the live music was awful. So loud that we could not hear each other so we had to shout or sit in silence. Not the family brunch we had in mind!

"With a building of hard surfaces the acoustics do not suit indoor music like that. The staff were clearly embarrassed and we were told the owner didn’t come in on weekends often – so I assume has not idea what an assault on the ears this was. 

"I will not be back if there is any live music inside and suggest you check for the same.

"Such a shame otherwise it was good."

Anna decided to reply to the three-star review with her own thoughts.

She claimed the reviewer had threatened her staff with a "bad TripAdvisor" review and said expected to see it.

The cafe owner responded: "I was made aware to expect a "bad TripAdvisor" from you by the staff last week – the staff were really upset with your threat, they called me immediately they were that upset. They were embarrassed because of the manner in which you spoke to them.

"Not only do they care but they work incredibly hard too, and as for me not coming in on weekends (I do and I’m surprised and disheartened someone has made out to you that I don’t or can’t be bothered) literally Sunday was my only day off (I’m only human and need a day off too).

"The music – how about the people who do enjoy it? Sometimes we just can’t do right for doing wrong.

"It’s a shame you couldn’t mention how we fit 10 of you in, how well you were looked after, and how good the staff were. Nibble is a labour of love for both me and the staff and it is upsetting when someone leaves unhappy – for that I’m sorry. I’ll try harder."

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