Brits share worst ‘reply all’ email mistakes – from baby insult to swearing

We’ve all seen it happen. An email gets sent out to the whole team and someone replies without realising they’ve hit “reply all”.

Usually, the honest mistake is an innocent reply which doesn’t cause a hubbub.

But, sometimes people royally mess up and end up sending gossip, an insult or worse to the entire workforce.

Yesterday, people took to Reddit to share the worse “reply all” mistakes they’ve seen happen at work.

Posing the question, one user said: “What's the most embarrassing 'reply all' you have seen at work?

“So many people slip up on the 'reply all' to an email when there's a huge audience.

“Aside from broadcasting your Christmas menu choices, any real cringe moments you can share?”

More than 900 people replied in the comments and 2,000 liked the post. But what did people have to say?

One poster wrote: “Somebody got promoted and the usual ‘Please congratulate [x]’ type e-mail went around to various groups of recipients – this was a very corporate environment, for context.

“And in comes the reply all: F*** me, [name]. Who've you been sha**ing to blag that?"

They added that the offender managed to keep their job, but did face a disciplinary!

Another commenter said: “A lady announced she was expecting a baby.

“The email went round asking for donations to the pot to buy her and the baby a gift.

“Reply all: ‘Jesus Christ mate, you just know that’s going to be an ugly little f***er if it looks like its mum.’”

Yikes! People in the replied felt that it was “harsh” and a “disaster of an email”.

Another turned out to be the victim of a reply all email.

He said: “Once I was on a reply all from a company that buys my services that said ‘I don’t know why we still use him, he’s an idiot’.

“I responded ‘I might be an idiot but at least I know how reply all works’. It went down hill from there.”

And, a fourth said: “The boss emailed the team to say that 'Dave' was leaving in two weeks and that he was organising a collection.

“Three people had emailed to say they wouldn't give to the collection and ‘f**k Dave!' before I got the email and realised the boss had once again, not correctly edited the recipients list and had helpfully included Dave in all the emails.

“The boss tried to play it off as a practical joke – no-one else bothered to pretend. Awkward and mean.”

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Another person noted: “Email went round ‘bye, I'm off to [competitor]’.

“Reply all from colleague: ‘can you let me know if there are any vacancies there, my personal email is [this]’.”

Well, we bet that went down by a lead balloon.

In a rather heartwarming twist, one Reddit user said: “My male colleague left his laptop unlocked, so his kid decided to contribute to the chat he was having with a senior grumpy manager.

“Typed a few greetings, then some love hearts and then added love heart responses to all the other guys posts.”

Have you ever suffered from an email disaster? Tell us in the comments…

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