Brit who ‘identifies as Korean’ gets even more surgery after spending £100k

A British influencer who sparked controversy by "coming out" as Korean has undergone surgery once again to try and look like a K-pop star.

Oli London, who reportedly spent more than $150,000 (around £110,000) to look like singer Park Ji-min, uploaded a video to their YouTube channel partnered with the brand Longevita.

In it, they told their 32,000 subscribers how they were in Istanbul, in Turkey, to undergo a brow lift and canthoplasty.

The non-binary star, who uses they/them pronouns, said: "Finally my dreams are coming true of completing my K-pop idol look and looking like Jimin by having a canthoplasty."

They explained how a canthoplasty is an eye procedure to make their eyes "more beautiful, more Korean, more K-pop".

Oil explained how they also got a brow lift to "give me more of that beautifully defined look around my eye area".

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The star, who previously was told by American television host Dr. Phil to "love themselves", hit back at the TV doctor.

Oil said: "This is actually not my first surgery as I'm sure a lot of you know.

"Dr Phil I know you did tell me to be happy with myself and love who I am and I'm sorry to say Dr. Phil, I do love you but I have to do these few more final procedures and then I'm finally complete.

"So please don't judge me on that, Dr. Phil."

After filming themselves drinking a cocktail on a fancy hotel balcony the star ended the short video by saying they were now going into surgery.

They said: "I'm literally about to go under surgery very, very soon and I'm not even feeling nervous guys.

"I know a lot of people do get nervous but when you have this team around you that are just taking care of you and in a beautiful hospital, I've had the most amazing consultation with the doctor.

"I feel so relaxed and great."

While some fans are supportive of Oli's surgery, critics aren't impressed that he's "pretending to be Korean".

The YouTube video received a whopping 5,100 dislikes as a result.

It comes after This Morning was hit with 123 Ofcom complaints about TikTok star Oli's interview.

The influencer explained their reasons for identifying as Korean following surgery to look like a BTS star – but viewers dubbed that it "offended Korean people".

They admitted feeling "trapped" within their own body until they "identified as Korean.

Oli's surgery so far includes; five nose jobs, cheekbones reduced a chiseled jaw bone, chin bone removed and reattached along with eye and brow lift.

Liposuction, whiting injections, lip filer and nipple correction are also on the list.

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