Bride gets bum-lifting massage before wedding and nearly doesn’t fit into dress

Many brides spend months getting ready for their wedding days.

While some put themselves through diets and gruelling fitness regimes in a bid to look their best, others book glam squads to get them ready for the ceremony.

But Vanessa Frota took things a step further ahead of her nuptials.

Her partner booked her in for a non-surgical procedure to boost the size of her bum before she walked down the aisle.

Hoping for a Pippa Middleton moment, she underwent a “painless” aesthetic treatment known as Bumbum Brasil 180.

The procedure promises to enhance your curves for a few days without going under the knife – and according to Vanessa, it worked a little too well!

The Dublin-based blogger, who is Brazilian, revealed her booty almost didn’t fit into her dress.

She said: “The increase in my butt almost put my dress's silhouette at risk.”

While you may think Vanessa’s experience is an unusual one, a beautician says more brides are attempting to boost their curves before walking down the aisle.

Vanessa Paula, who created the Bumbum Brasil 180 treatment, says honing an hourglass figure can help to make brides feel more confident.

She said: “This type of gift is becoming more and more common. It greatly improves their self esteem.”

The booty-building massage is said to enhance your curves without needles, surgery or pain.

Vanessa explained: “As it is a painless and uncut method, it can be done quietly a few days before the wedding party.”

She believes the groom got it “too right” by getting it for his bride as a gift.

And it’s safe to say Vanessa looked stunning on her big day!

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The influencer wore a white lace dress to walk down the aisle at her ceremony.

Her frock scooped low at the back and was dotted with a row of buttons.

These details helped to draw attention to her newly-enhanced curves – and it looks like everyone enjoyed the occasion.

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