Breaking down the 2019 Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl Comic-Con trailers

Every year, the CW’s Arrowverse shows unveil new footage from their upcoming seasons, and this weekend wasn’t an exception. On Saturday, the casts and producers of Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl debuted new sizzle reels for their forthcoming seasons, revealing exciting new villains (hello Bloodsport), shifting and shaky relationships (pour one Kara and Lena’s friendship), and nostalgic thrills (pretty much everything about Arrow‘s trailer). Below, EW breaks down the best moment from each of the new trailers. (Note: Batwoman didn’t release a new trailer, and Black Lightning‘s sizzle didn’t include new footage).


“We’re playing our greatest hits.” That’s the refrain we’ve heard from star Stephen Amell and the producers since they’ve begun talking about the eighth and final season, and the new teaser definitely revealed what they meant. After taking us on a tour of everyone Oliver’s death and torture-ridden past, trailer drops a flurry of new footage that includes: our first looks at Colin Donnell and Josh Segarra’s returns, Katie Cassidy Rodgers rocking a new Black Canary costume (see executive producer Marc Guggenheim’s tweet), and Connor Hawke (Joseph David-Jones) fighting someone in a Deathstroke mask. However, the moment that truly stands out is the shot at 2:08 that shows Oliver landing in a lab where several scientists have been murdered with arrows, because it seems like a very specific callback to Malcolm Merlyn’s Unidac Industries rampage in season 1’s “Darkness at the Edge of Town.” Going into this season, we knew Arrow would probably reference the most obvious moments from its history, but this one (assuming the scene is purposefully trying to evoke “Darkness”) is rather unexpected. Hopefully, there are more of these surprises coming our way.

The Flash

Sendhil Ramamurthy gives good voiceover! Yes, we already knew this from his time on Heroes, but The Flash‘s season 6 trailer is good reminder of this fact. In the promo, Ramamurthy introduces us to his villain, Dr. Ramsey Rosso, a.k.a. Bloodsport, and his war against life’s big bad: death. His narration is cold, ominous, and establishes him as a threatening foe for Team Flash — as does the final shot of the trailer, which shows his eyes going full Supernatural demon. When EW spoke to showrunner Eric Wallace for the most recent issue, he said he was hoping to inject with The Flash with some “mystery and thriller elements” this season, and Ramamurthy’s intro definitely seems geared toward that.


At the end of season 4, Lena Luthor was hit with a bombshell: Kara (Melissa Benoist) is Supergirl. All summer long, fans have wondered how she would handle learning her best friend has been lying to her. Based on the new season 5 trailer, it seems as though things are not great, bob! There’s the final shot of her punching Supergirl in broad daylight, but even more impactful is her declaring explaining why she’s receding into technology and what her plans for Supergirl are. “I’m not a villain,” she says*. “I don’t want to kill Supergirl. I just want her to experience the same hurt she inflicted on me. And soon enough she will.” Yep, we’re definitely worried about this friendship going into season 5. *(ASIDE: Did anyone else’s mind immediately think of this iconic Lex Luthor moment on Smallville when Lena said the word villain?)

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