Body mod addict offered £2k for sliced nipples – but accidentally bins them

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    'Britain's most tattooed man' was offered £2,000 for the nipples he had sliced off.

    But he wasn't destined for riches – as was left gutted after realising he had accidentally binned his dismembered nips.

    Body Art, whose full name is King of Ink Land King Body Art The Extreme Ink-Ite, got his nipples removed so his skin would be a smoother canvas for his tattoos.

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    And during the grisly session in a Wolverhampton parlour, he also has 'teeth marks' carved into his ears and splitting his tongue in half.

    After these body parts were separated from him, he kept them close by storing them in his freezer.

    Over the years, fans have even reached out to him offering to buy them for thousands ≠ with some even offering to pay him to eat them.

    However, the self-professed King of Body Art claims he was gutted to realise he accidentally binned them while cleaning out his freezer.

    Speaking to Daily Star, he said: "I had my amputated body parts in my freezer in a tub with food for my Mexican king snake that passed away last year.

    "I recently checked the box out and only realised a couple of days later my preserved body parts were gone.

    "I'm gutted I through my nipples and ear away – I could have got £2,000 for my nipples.

    "I've gotten strange requests first one time on a casting website, someone offered me £1,000 to eat them and I was like 'erm, no, I'm not a cannibal even if they belong to me.'"

    He said he only learned their worth after reading about preserving body parts and dead animals in online forums.

    "I was talking to people on forums who preserve animals and stuff and found out that human body parts of people who are still alive are fairly rare and could be worth something," he added.

    "Someone on the site said they would pay up to a couple of thousand pounds for them but I wanted to keep them.

    "Thinking about it now, I chuckled a part of me away and I could have cleared a couple of K from my mortgage."

    Mr Art joked that hopes they don't cause alarm if anyone finds them in a landfill and contacts the authorities.

    "I hope the police don't come knocking because there are literally body parts in a landfill somewhere in Birmingham even though they're mine," he joked.


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