Big Brother Double Eviction: Brutal Blindside Betrayal Shocks HOH Before Surprise Eviction

A bloody two-hour battle sees the Jury figuring out what’s been going on ahead of the first two Cookout members joining them after a season of deception.

We knew things were going to get ugly this week on “Big Brother” with The Cookout finally turning on themselves, but we had no idea just how vicious and cut-throat things could get.

The second whirlwind double eviction finally put some members of The Cookout on the other side of a season of lies and deception with one of the most ruthless plays we’ve seen yet this summer — and it basically solidified the Final 2 by duping the right person at the right time.

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We have a feeling there were backup plans on top of backup plans for whoever would gain power next, but to see it executed with such brutal efficiency was hard to watch. But before we can even get to the bloodbath that encapsulated the second eviction of the season, we have to deal with the first.

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Tiffany and Hannah were on the Block after Kyland won both Head of Household and Power of Veto, effectively solidifying his Final 2 deal with Xaver, and the previously established idea that the guys would work together — i.e., they’d use Derek F until they didn’t need him.

Little did we know.

Jury Smells Something Cooking

Over in the Jury House, Britini and Derek X were still thinking of this as a normal season of “Big Brother,” but all of that changed when they saw that Sarah Beth was on the Block next to both Kyland and Xavier … and she was the one to get evicted.

With that result, and Azah saying she was working on a mission bigger than herself, and Kyland reveailng an alliance that wouldn’t let him protect her anymore, she figured out the mission and members of The Cookout.

The arrivals of Claire and Alyssa from last week’s double eviction only confirmed what they already knew. For The Cookout it was mission accomplished on the one hand, but time to actually start playing “Big Brother” on the other.

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1st Eviction

Tiffany put the needs of The Cookout ahead of the needs of her own game. The reason big alliances like this never remain intact until the end is because smart players know that at some point you have to turn on your alliance or you’ll be the first one out.

Tiffany knew her number was up, and had she fought to keep Claire and knocked out one of the Cookout guys, she could have changed her fate in this game. That’s the power of The Cookout, and why we’ll never see it’s like again. It persisted despite the game, and to the detriment of several players.

Tiffany tried her best to plead her case, knowing that as the mastermind behind the Cookout’s side duo plot she was the biggest mental threat in the House. She also doomed herself by causing mistrust when she didn’t throw her last HOH comp, though she’d have likely gone regardless.

As it was, she didn’t really stand a chance of convincing either Xavier or Derek F to vote for her, even as they acknowledged that Hannah was probably the bigger threat to win the next HOH and disrupt their plans.

While they didn’t know this was a double eviction, it’s become pretty clear that both of the women on the Block are the next two targets of the guys in the House. Azah remained floating around in the middle, with more power than she realized. With her, it’s always been a matter of who she chooses to trust and how perceptive she is of what’s going on in the house (she’s not been great at this).

Ultimately, it was a unanimous vote to send Tiffany packing, but with barely any time to process, Julie Chen immediately dropped the double eviction bombshell on the Houseguests, setting up a wild scramble. On double eviction night, anything can happen because there’s so little time to strategize.

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Head of Household

A fun competition in two rounds, Hannah’s back was definitely against the wall on this one. She basically had a 50/50 chance of staying off the Block, and it all depended on if she could win HOH or if Azah could win and Azah realized the danger the ladies were in.

The competition saw them rolling balls up a ramp to knock off 12 other balls in the first round, with Hannah stepping into a commanding lead early on. The first two would advance to the second and final round.

But as Hannah floundered, Xavier quickly caught up and won, and it was Azah with a surprise surge who took that second spot. In the second round, they had to slowly roll their balls to get them to stop at the top of the ramp on a grassy patch.

And for the first time all season, Azah earned her very first Head of Household victory … and offered a glimmer of hope to Hannah that the women wouldn’t be picked off one by one in this game. All Azah had to do was throw two of the three guys on the Block.

All of that was dashed in the moments before we cut to commercial when Azah revealed that she’d made a deal with Kyland not to put him on the Block this week if she won. Hannah’s crestfallen face said it all. Azah has been playing with her heart all season, and it certainly looked as if she’d just been played.

Azah was confident that if she put Hannah and Xavier on the Block that Xavier would go, and if he won Veto, she could just put Kyland on the Block and he would go. They are the biggest threats in the House, so the logic was sound. But Hannah’s a much savvier player and she immediately knew the danger she was in.

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Veto & 2nd Eviction

Never had one Houseguest needed to win a competition more than Hannah needed to win this one. She could count on absolutely no one in this game. If Azah won, she might still think it was smart to keep her nominations the same, but Hannah had zero faith with Derek F or Kyland would vote to keep her in the House. It was all just too easy.

As always, the “What the Bleep?” competition is absolutely hilarious, though we don’t remember Houseguests laughing as much as they were in this one. Well, the guys were certainly laughing a lot. This should have told Azah something. Maybe it did, but at this point, the game was going to play out as it was going to play out.

In the end, Hannah faltered and left comp beasts Kyland and Xavier to battle it out in the tie-breaker round. And ultimately, Kyland won the Power of Veto — and that’s when everything began to fall apart.

With a stunned Azah looking on, Kyland used the Power of Veto on Xavier, leaving Derek F as the only viable option to sit on the Block next to Hannah. The guys then darted off to have a private conversation before the vote, at which point Azah realized the depths of her mistake.

It was written all over her face as much as it was Hannah’s. Kyland had absolutely played her, and Xavier as well. We have a feeling that Xavier even intentionally threw the tie-breaker round in that Veto comp. After all, if he’d won and taken himself down, Kyland would have been an option to put up. With Ky winning, they both stayed off the Block.

Azah basically sat in stunned silence, with a tear rolling down her cheek, as the vote played out and Hannah was unanimously evicted from the House. As the boys celebrated their victory, she couldn’t muster up the fake enthusiasm to join them, because she finally knew exactly how she’d been used and where she really ranked with them.

It’s going to be a long, dark week for Azah. And as outgoing HOH, she has no shot at even playing for Head of Household this week, so it’s Veto or Jury for her without a doubt. Sure, there’s a glimmer of hope the guys would want to send Derek F out before her, but it’s unlikely. Boy power will unite to the Final 3.

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Houseguest Report Cards

Xavier Prather (27) wins. Kyland appears to be down to help get X to the end with him, and X has played a much cleaner, nicer game so he wins. The House has been saying it for weeks, it’s been looking like such an obvious conclusion for so long, we can’t believe they’re going to let him get there. Kyland’s ego actually thinks he can sway this jury, even as he’s betraying members of it so blatantly as this week. Grade: A+

Kyland Young (30) is probably going to have to settle for second place. His jury management has been terrible, his ego has been out of control and we have to agree with Hannah that it reeks of a little sexism that he didn’t seem to even consider her or Tiffany as the kinds of worthy competitors he’d like to go to the end with. He only sees Xavier that way. They’ll likely win their way to the end, and then X will win it all. Grade: C

Derek Frazier (29) is in need of a HOH or POV win and the nerve to shake up this game and knock out one of the “Gentlemen” above, or he’s going to follow right behind the ladies out the door. He’s been coming closer to winning in recent competitions, but the time is now. And if he does win, he needs to not screw it all up. Grade: D

Azah Awasum (30) can at least know she’s not the first Houseguest to have a disastrous HOH reign and get booted out the next week (Frenchie, Christian, Sarah Beth, Claire). Falling into Kyland’s trap doomed not only Hannah’s game, but her own. She’ll just get to cling to life support for another week before she’s put out of her misery. Grade: D-

Hannah Chaddha (21) went down alongside Tiffany, and in part because neither of them could convince Azah what was going on in the House and how the guys were prepping to run roughshod over all of them. Hannah was also a legitimate threat to win the whole game if she got to the end. She’s definitely on our short list of people we’d like to see get a chance in a non-Cookout season to see what they could do. Grade: F

Tiffany Mitchell (40) is at the top of our list of players we’d like to see back, because she really did have this game all wrapped up almost from the beginning. The complexity of the game she weaved from the beginning was beautiful in its mastery and incredible in its execution. If she’d have been able to play her own game for her own goals, she’d have never let Claire go — well, she’d have done a lot of things differently and would probably still be running this House. With history made this year, we’re rooting for a second chances season. Grade: F

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Jury House Chatter

  • “I hate that I’m here. I’m disappointed in myself, and embarrassed. It doesn’t feel good.” –Sarah Beth
  • “How in the world do you go home? You are up against the two biggest threats in the House.” –Britini (seeing SB on the Block next to Kyland and Xavier)
  • “I think it is Kyland, Azah, Big D, Xavier, Chaddha and Tiffany are all working together.”
  • “A personal mission that’s very important to Azah?” –Derek X
  • “There’s never been a [Black winner]” –Sarah Beth
  • “–in the history of ‘Big Brother.’ It makes sense.” –Britini
  • “Really?” –Derek X
  • “I respect him not telling me. He knows what kind of a player I am, I would have blown it up in a hot second if I thought it would save me.” –Sarah Beth (about Kyland keeping Cookout a secret)
  • “Did you know?” –Alyssa (to Claire after both arrived)
  • “I had a hunch.” –Claire (and Tiffany flat-out told her)
  • “I really am the dim one.” –Alyssa
  • “You’re kidding! Tiffany did not take you out.” –Derek X (watching playback)
  • “What?!” –Britini
  • “That’s messed up.” –Sarah Beth
  • “Being a fan of the show, I think it’s genius. I love how stupid I feel because I did not see it coming.” –Alyssa (about Cookout)
  • “I’m hot, let’s go to the pool!” –Britini
  • “Last one in has lost ‘Big Brother.’ Oh, wait.” –Claire

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House Chatter

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  • “If I had an active role in helping her to stay, it would also make me a target.” –Kyland (on targeting Tiffany by not changing nominations)
  • “I’ve got to figure out how to move forward in this game without my number one ally.” –Hannah
  • “I actually believe that I can stay this week. I’ve just got some work to do.” –Tiffany
  • “I’ve been wanting to play.” –Tiffany (to Hannah)
  • “I know, you’ve wanted to take risks in this game. We just couldn’t because there was so much at stake.” –Hannah (about putting The Cookout first)
  • “This was fun. It was fun to get us here.” –Tiffany (about getting The Cookout to Final 6)
  • “I do think it’s unfair that Tiffany could be the first member of The Cookout to leave. Without her or her master plan, I’m not sure we could have made it this far. If I am able to stay past this week, then I will be fighting for Tiffany and myself.” –Hannah
  • “Derek things I’m coming after him.” –Tiffany (to Azah)
  • “Derek thinks everyone’s coming after him.” –Azah
  • “I know X don’t plan on keeping Ky in this house. This is not Batman versus freaking Superman.” –Tiffany (to Azah)
  • “Guys trip. It’s me and you, we gotta pick three others to come with. Christian I gotta pick, Baby D.” –Xavier (to Kyland)
  • “Honestly, I’m fine with four.” –Kyland
  • “Who’s the fifth pick. We got between Frenchie, Brent and Travis.” –Xavier (teasing Derek F. by excluding him as he’s right there listening)
  • “Brent?! You’re better off taking a loaf of bread!” –Derek F (responding)
  • “I have to convince Xavier that I am not only better for his game, but I am what is best for his game.” –Tiffany (after striking out with Derek F)
  • “Between Tiff and Hannah, Hannah might actually be more of a threat.” –Xavier (comparing notes with Derek F)
  • “Yeah, she is.” –Derek F
  • “Kyland, although you nominated me, I am the reason I am in this seat. However, if you guys decide to keep me here, I will make sure that next week Kyland and I switch seats.” –Tiffany (save-me speech)
  • “Kyland expressed to me how he wanted to go to the end with strong competitors, a.k.a. Xavier, because I guess I’m not worthy in his eyes.” –Hannah (to Julie)

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