Anti-ageing banana peel technique reduces wrinkles and exfoliates

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According to a viral trend loved by TikTok skincare and anti-ageing aficionados, rubbing a banana peel on your face could help you look younger and leave you with glowing skin.

Isabelle Lux is a 31-year-old content creator from New York, who has a huge 423.9K followers on her TikTok account where she mostly posts wellness and anti-ageing hacks.

She asked her followers: “Would you believe me if I told you that rubbing an old banana peel on your face once a day before cleansing can not only reduce wrinkles but exfoliate your skin naturally at the same time?

“It’s not because of the potassium, as some people say, it’s because banana peel contains a natural enzyme which can even whiten teeth. Would you try it?”

Isabelle is not the only influencer to attempt this natural beauty hack. Another TikToker Jen Jones said, in a video with 963.5K views, “the inside of a banana peel is amazing for your skin.

“It helps with inflammation. People who have dry skin, people who are prone to breakouts, rub it on your skin, rinse with a little warm water, and pat dry.”

However, not everyone was convinced. One of Isabelle’s commenters wrote: “Nope, it’s such a trend now and it doesn’t work.”

But, is there any scientific evidence banana peels can benefit your skin?

The Cleveland Clinic’s Dr. Taylor Bullock said clinically the theory has never been proven. He said: “There’s no scientific evidence to suggest that rubbing a banana peel on your face is going to help.”

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@isabelle.lux Anti aging banana peel hack! Rubbing an old banana peel on your face before cleansing can naturally exfoliate the skin and reduce wrinkles! This all natural free skincare hack seems too good to be true I’m going to try it for 30 days! #bananapeels #bananapeel #bananapeelsbenefits #skincarehack #ancientskincare #skincaretest #skincare101 #skintok #skinfluencer #skincare2023 ♬ original sound – Isabelle Lux ⚡️ Skincare

However, there is some science behind the theory as to why it may work. The high levels of antioxidants in bananas could help your skin, and have benefits for the body in other ways too.

Antioxidants help to release oxidative stress on the body, which is caused by the sun and pollution among other things. Oxidative stress speeds up the ageing process.

There are better ways to get lots of antioxidants than rubbing banana peel on your face.

Eating them is one. Foods high in antioxidants include dark chocolate, blueberries, pecan nuts, strawberries, goji berries, artichokes, raspberries, kale, beans and red cabbage.

For topical use on the face, some ingredients have antioxidant properties. This includes Vitamin C, which has a host of other benefits too and is included in lots of serums. Argan oil and jojoba oil also have antioxidant properties.

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