American Kennel Club Recognizes New Toy Dog Breed — Meet the Biewer Terrier!

New year, new dog!

On Monday, the American Kennel Club announced recognition of a new dog breed, the Biewer Terrier.

The Biewer — pronounced like "beaver" — is eligible to compete in the toy group and marks the organization's 197th recognized breed, according to a press release from the AKC.

The organization describes the small breed as a "happy-go-lucky dog with a childlike, whimsical attitude."

"Their purpose is to love and be loved, making them excellent companions. These dogs are loyal and a friend to all they meet," the AKC adds.

While the Biewer Terrier does not need "a great deal of exercise," they do require sufficient grooming.

"Their long coat requires daily brushing to keep it free of mats," the release notes.

Of the Biewer Terrier, AKC Executive Secretary Gina DiNardo said in the press release that the group is “thrilled" to have the breed join the pack.

"This wonderful little dog makes a great companion for a variety of people, and we’re excited to introduce dog lovers to another fantastic breed that may be a perfect match for their family," she added. "As always, we encourage people to do their research to find the right breed for their lifestyle.”

According to the release, receiving AKC Recognition gives the Biewer Terrier the opportunity to "compete at all levels of AKC-sanctioned events," including the upcoming Westminster Kennel Club show in June.

The 4-to-8 pound breed got its name from a Yorkie-breeding German couple whose dog had a puppy born with rare white markings, the Associated Press reported.

Americans first began importing the Biewer Terrier in the early 2000s, breeder Adrianne Dering told the AP.

Last January, the AKC recognized two additional canine breeds: the Barbet and the Dogo Argentino.

The Barbet joined the sporting group while the Dogo Argentino joined the working group.

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