ALEXANDRIA DALE picks the statement shades to show off this spring

We try before you buy: ALEXANDRIA DALE picks the best statement shades to show off this Spring

Eco-friendly down to the case, made from recycled plastic waste.

Zuri, 5/5

Designed in London, made in Italy, you can even add an engraving.

Matilda, 5/5


These aviators have a sleeker, more understated look. 

High key rimless, 4/5

Buy a pair, and give a pair of reading glasses to someone in need. 

The Swirl, 4/5 

Ultra light, these frames are made from titanium. 

Silhouette accent, 3/5 

Named after 1950s and 1960s jazz musicians. Choose from 120 styles.

Hazel, 3/5

Tough shades with polycarbonate lenses and shock-resistant frames. 

Guess Eyewear, 3/5

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