Aldi is the UK’s first supermarket to introduce brand new initiative

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Major supermarket Aldi will be the first UK supermarket to increase its store assistants’ pay to £11 an hour. This is more than a 15 percent jump from what it was a year ago.

Workers within the M25 will receive a higher wage of £12.45 an hour.

The cost of living crisis in full spring and many Britons struggling to afford food and energy bills.

Aldi has decided to up the pay of store assistants which will help them navigate the current crisis.

It will also reward employees for their hard work. The change will affect more than 26,000 workers across the country.

Aldi said it has invested around £81 million into raising pay over the past 12 months to help mitigate the cost of living crisis, reported the Liverpool Echo.

This is just one of Aldi’s store expansion plans, with the budget supermarket also set to create more than 6,000 new jobs this year.

This is in addition to the 4,500 permanent roles introduced in 2021.

Store assistants will not be the only employees benefiting from a pay increase at Aldi.

The supermarket will also be increasing the rates of pay for thousands of logistics workers by introducing starting salaries of at least £10.90, which is in line with the Real Living Wage.

As reported by Living Wage, Minimum Wage – the government minimum for under 23s – in the UK is £9.18 per hour.

This is statutory law, however there is no London weighting.

As for the National Living Wage – the government minimum for over 23s – this is £9.50 an hour.

Again, this is statutory law, and there is no London weighting.

The Real Living Wage is the only wage rate based on what people need to live.

This is £10.90 across the UK, but a little more in London, at £11:95.

This takes into account the cost of living, a basket of household goods and services.

It covers all and any workers aged 18 and above, however it is not statutory law, rather, it is voluntary.

Giles Hurley, chief executive officer of Aldi UK and Ireland, commented on Aldi’s latest initiative for store assistants.

She stated: “Just as we promise Aldi customers that we will always offer the lowest grocery prices in Britain, we are committed to being the highest-paying supermarket for our colleagues.

“We are incredibly proud of every single member of Team Aldi and are pleased to become the first UK supermarket to pay a minimum of £11 per hour to all store assistants, exceeding the Living Wage Foundation’s recommended real living wage,” reported the Liverpool Echo. has contacted Aldi for comment.

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