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ANYONE who's done more than a bit of jogging knows the importance of wearing the best running underwear for your needs.

While you can get away with standard undercrackers in the gym, the longer and more intense your workout, the more you'll need specific underwear – especially if you're training for a marathon.

Lots of people prefer to go commando on the run, but this doesn't fight a runner's worst enemy: chafing. This is why a lot of running shorts come with inner underwear linings.

That won't cut it for everyone though.

What is the best underwear for running?

Underwear for running fits to the form of the runner, preventing chafing of one of your most valuable areas.

Also, materials like cotton will absorb sweat and microbes, which can lead to yeast infections. The best running underwear is breathable where you need it to be.

So if you think special pants for running will work for you, check out our guide on the best running underwear out there.

Do runners wear underwear?

Runners don't always wear underwear.

Running shorts often have a special lining designed to reduce friction and to keep you dry, so you don't need to wear anything underneath.

What kind of underwear do female runners wear?

Again, the right underwear will leave you chafe and pain-free and ensure your runs are as comfortable as possible.

Many experts suggest the best underwear is made of either cotton or a moisture-wicking synthetic material like nylon or spandex.

Style very much depend on your personal preference, as long as you don't sacrifice comfort in the process.

Running underwear styles include boy shorts, bikini and mid-rise briefs and even thongs, so you'll have plenty to choose from.

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