Zenith Defy Extreme E Copper X Prix Marks All-Electric Chilean Desert Rally

Gearing up for the penultimate race in the Extreme E 2022 calendar, Zenith has created a new special edition 1/100th second chronograph.

The Defy Extreme E Copper X Prix chronograph is the third special edition chronograph created for the all-electric rally championship and is named after this weekend’s Copper X Prix race taking place in Chile’s Atacama Desert, one of the world’s foremost copper mining regions.

The carbon fiber and sandblasted titanium watch also uses recycled and upcycled elements used in the championship, while the multi-layered dial features tinted sapphire crystal panes, taking on “coppery-brown accents that evoke the dry, rocky terrain and copper mines of the Chilean desert.”

The high-beat chrono features two independent escapements, a high-beat 5Hz (36,000vph) for timekeeping and an ultra high-beat 50Hz (360,000vph) for chronograph functionality.

The Defy Extreme E Copper X Prix is secured on a cordura-effect rubber strap made from upcycled Continental CrossContact tires used during the first season and presented with additional black rubber and black Velcro straps.

The watch is presented inside a “sturdy waterproof and crushproof watch case” incorporating upcycled elements “from the side-lines of the first season’s races.”

The Defy Extreme E Copper X Prix is limited to 20 pieces and available only from Zenith boutiques or online, priced $27,100 USD.

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