YouTube Is Now Sharing COVID-19 Vaccination Public Service Announcements

Playing its part to help curb the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic as much as possible, YouTube is now showing a series of public service announcements it has created in collaboration with the Vaccine Confidence Project at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine on COVID-19 vaccinations

“At YouTube, we are committed to making sure that people have access to reliable information about the vaccine, including how it was developed and tested, what they can expect when they get the vaccine, and how every person plays a part in the public’s health,” said YouTube’s director and global head of healthcare and public health partnerships Dr. Garth Graham in a blog post. “Hearing inaccurate information can breed doubt in someone’s mind and that’s why trusted scientific and medical organizations are partnering with YouTube to make sure credible information is reaching people in accessible and culturally relevant ways.”

The “first chapter” of these videos is now online, and more will follow in the near future all the way through July.

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