William & Kate Are Already Preparing Prince George to Become King

When you’re third in line to the throne, the grooming starts early! Prince William and Kate Middleton are already preparing Prince George to be king, and the boy just turned six. But don’t worry; the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are reportedly taking extra care to ensure they don’t overwhelm their oldest son with too much responsibility at such a young age.

In the new issue of Us Weekly, a source outlines how the royal family has begun approaching the idea of George one day assuming the throne. “William talks to George about what being a royal means. He doe so in a very simple manner because he doesn’t want his son to feel overwhelmed at such a young age,” said the source, who added that William uses kid-friendly tactics to talk to George about the throne: “He’ll explain things as if he’s reading from a children’s storybook. So it’s fun for George.”

Still, as big of a deal as it is that the young royal is third in line to the throne — behind his grandfather, Prince Charles, and his dad — the inside source insists that the boy isn’t treated differently than his peers. “He doesn’t get special treatment at school,” the source revealed of George’s daily life at Thomas’s Battersea private school. Adding to that sense of normalcy, the 6-year-old is known as “George Cambridge” at school as opposed to Prince George.

George is reportedly just like the average 6-year-old in other ways, too. In addition to being a fan of comfort food like pizza, pasta, cupcakes and ice cream, George also “loves magic,” said the source — all of which he reportedly had at his sixth birthday party.

He also exhibits the sort of candor young children are known for (kids, they say the darndest things!) — although, per the source, George seems to do so in a diplomatic way. “While he often does as he’s told, if George disagrees with something, he’s not afraid to speak his mind,” the source revealed. “He’s a curious child who’s always asking questions. He’ll make a great king one day!”

Judging by his parents’ thorough, yet gentle, introduction into being a royal and all that it entails, we have no doubt George will have the tools needed to help him become a wonderful future leader.

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