What Was The Moment When You Knew You Were Ready To Be Engaged?

When it comes to getting engaged, the most important part is making sure you and your partner are in a place where you feel like you’re ready for this next chapter of your lives.

So tell us about the moment you knew you were ready to be engaged.

Like, maybe your S.O. stood by your side during a rough experience, and you just KNEW they’d continue to show that same support.

Or perhaps you got to the point where you were both comfortable pooping with the door open without feeling embarrassed.

Or maybe you went on a three-week camping trip and got completely lost in the woods after sundown, but you knew that if you could survive that, you could survive anything.

Tell us what experiences really made you feel ready to get engaged. Feel free to upload photos if you have them! You could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video.

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