Watch YouTuber Mr. Beast Challenge 456 Players to a Real-life 'Squid Game'

Popular YouTuber Mr. Beast created an elaborate real-life version of Squid Game, challenging 456 players to compete for a cash prize.

Mr. Beast, whose name is Jimmy Donaldson, said it took about $3.5 million USD to recreate every game from the Netflix series in real life, including Red Light, Green Light, Tug of War and the infamous Glass Bridge. Contestants who failed the challenges were “eliminated” by having a small device strapped to them pop to safely recreate the show’s gory tactics.

The setup involved elaborate sets made to look like scenes from the series.

The games were funded in part by mobile game company Brawl Stars.

Check out the entire clip above to see how the games played out.

In other news, Netflix’s Hellbound officially becomes the most-watched show within 24 hours, surpassing Squid Game.
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