'Tiger' Woods Documentary Now Streaming on HBO Max

After being previewed a few weeks back with an official trailer, the official Tiger Woods documentary is now streaming on HBO Max, aptly named Tiger.

The documentary showcases the roller coaster ride of Tiger Woods’ golfing career, from his early upbringing and introduction to golf by father Earl Woods, to his rapid adoption of the game and eventual domination of the legacy sport. With his success came fame and, according to the footage and via personal accounts from friends and family, took a toll on his mental well-being. The documentary continues to highlight the tragedies and scandals that befell on Tiger Woods, including his infamous DUI arrest and affair with mistress Rachel Uchitel. Tiger’s success would eventually catch up with him, as his return to golf has earned him a new, clean reputation and eventually a Masters win in 2019.

Part 1 of Tiger is available now on HBO Max, while part two will release on January 17, 2020. Watch the trailer above in the meantime.

In case you missed it, Netflix has planned to drop one film a week throughout the entire year.
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