This Cloud Storage Has Encryption Levels That Even It Can't Break

With the removal of data-tracking site cookies earlier this year, individual data privacy has increased in importance within the headspace of Internet users. Coupling that with numerous leaks and breaches, one can only wonder if our data is truly safe, especially in this time when we own multiple accounts from multiple services.

Consolidating it all together comes in the form of Treasure Cloud’s interface, where it brings together the most popular cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box. By utilizing a single set of log-in details, users have access to all of their pre-linked services.

Other than being just another data hub, individual user data and files are protected by individual unique encryption keys where even Treasure has no access. For files where high degrees of confidentiality are required, users are assured that every uploaded file is only made available to whoever access is given — think contracts, NDAs, and bank account details or even photos of your family reunion post-pandemic. Such encryption is also available to files on the services users link to their Treasure Cloud log-in, of course, password protection for every file is a given function.

The scary thing about simply uploading our anniversary photos or company data on Cloud drives service by big tech comes in the form of this question: Who else has access to these pieces of information? While doing so might be convenient for one’s day-to-day living, there’s always that chance that your data might be used in less-than-pleasant ways.

More than security and ease of access, users can get up to 800GB of cloud storage through Treasure Cloud’s current referral program. Both users are entitled to a bonus of 10GB of bonus storage for every referral — with up to as many as 80 referrals.

Based on the users’ needs, a subscription with Treasure Cloud ranges from being free of charge with 10GB of cloud storage to the option for 4TB of storage at USD$24.99 every month. For those of us who work collaboratively with an immense number of graphics, videos, and documentation, an annual subscription at its highest tier gives the most value for money with a 16% discount off subscription plans. You can find out more about Treasure Cloud’s plans here or sign-up through their app.

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