This Chrome Hearts Ebony Wood Plunger Could Be Yours for Just Over $2,000 USD

Nothing says luxury more than a Chrome Hearts toilet plunger.

Los Angeles-based Justin Reed recently posted to Instagram his upcoming rare finds, one being a Chrome Hearts Ebony Wood Plunger in black. The plunger was first released in 2020 and features a hand-carved 18” ebony wood handle decorated with a sterling silver cap and wrap scroll. The original retail price saw the plunger sell for $1,000 USD. However, with the plunger’s rarity and resale value, it is now going for more than two times its original retail price, available for $2,200 USD on Justin Reed’s website.

Those hoping to glamorize their everyday cleaning tasks may find this collectible of interest. While it is a usable plunger, it is also a great conversation piece for the home. Whether it finds its home in a latrine or elsewhere, the piece is a hard-to-find relick in the fashion accessories world. According to the website, the piece is in excellent condition but comes without the dust bag and measures at a height of 22.5 inches. If you are looking to elevate your home or add to your Chrome Hearts collection, check out Justin Reed to make the purchase on the luxurious plunger.

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